The Common App...

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I've been having an issue with this for about a week now, and I want to get my stuff all sent in but I'm afraid this is going to mess me up.
I'm applying to BU early decision via the common app online and it always tells you to print-preview stuff before you send it in. Fair enough, you don't want to make any silly mistakes. But this is where my problem is. On the common app ONLINE, there is a box under "My Colleges" where you click a little box next to the school where you're applying ED. I've done that. -->

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</a> <-- But when I print preview the actual application, the small box at the top that asks about ED/EA is empty. -->

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</a> <-- All of the boxes and prompts are checked throughout the application saying that I'm applying early. I called BU last night, and the lady said that it should be fine as long as I send in my ED agreement and my BU supplement, but the ED agreement goes in at a seperate time and through the mail instead of online.
Has anyone else had this problem?
And should I just leave it and send it in online as is, or should I print it out and just mail it in to be safe? Any other suggestions? (Keep in mind that BU prefers it sent in online.)</p>

<p>Try from a different computer.
I had similar issues last year with online apps not saving right.</p>

<p>commonapp online specifically says that you won't see the ED section filled out on the print preview. it will get filled out once it's sent, though.</p>

<p>I want to send in my app on paper so how I do I get this box to be filled in on paper?</p>