The National Society of High School Scholars

<p>I received a letter from the National Society of High School Scholars saying that I was nominated for membership. The nomination shows that all my hard work and dedication has actually been seen by other people. The problem I have is that in order to be a member you must have a 3.5Cum, and I dont have that. I am not mad because I called their office and they said if I reach to a 3.5Cum I can still become a member.So is anybody on this board a member, and if so how is it?What exactly do you take part in?</p>

<p>There have been many posts about NSHSS and they all say the same thing... its a scam, virtually pointless, unless im thinking about something completely different, but im fairly sure im right. Search the forums, you'll find stuff.</p>

<p>What is it? I searched and I got a lot of "chances" so... yah Im not looking through all dat.</p>

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<p>here are some threads regarding nshss and people's opinions... there are mixed feelings sbout it, but many feel it is either a scam, or not a scam but somewhat worthless, which i agree. I don't think someone needs to paay to be part of an organization that supposedly praises accomplishments... sigh... anyway, try advanced search and look at specific forums, and avoid the "my chances" forums, etc. it gets better results than plain search...</p>