The Real Curve and Sources of 2004 October math section

<p>By the way, the October math section is taken from two sources (one from 2002 March, one from 2003 November), depending on which version you get; the math is pretty EASY this time; i pretty sure the top math curve will be (I'm at least 90% confident):</p>

<p>raw scale
60 800
59 790
58 770
57 750
56 730
55 720
54 710
53 700</p>

<p>those are not released exams, the CB recycled them to the october test. well, i know for sure because my private SAT tutor told me. although he is still a junior in college, he has taken ALL SAT's (seven times a year) for the past four years. i guess he has good memory or something like that. he had received 12 1600's and 17 1590's........unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>What did your tutor say the answer to the 15 pi or 8 pi question was? how about the median question for the grid ins? These are the two highly debated questions among us all.</p>

<p>my tutor say he is unwilling to share any answer in such a public place like cc; sorry. he is very cautious about whether his sharing is legal or not.</p>

<p>he sounds like a loser</p>

<p>^^^second that. btw, I took Nov 03 SAT and didn't recognize any of the problems...</p>

<p>perhaps it was sunday? and even so how was he able to test on a sunday anyway? furthermore, i concur with mr_sanguine</p>

<p>slipstream99, there are two version for every tests; u probably didn't get the one u took last nov.</p>

<p>blame my tutor if you want. i mean nobody should believe me now; but after you receive your score, u will find out everything my tutor predict is</p>

<p>^^^see my response in "consensus of october 9 sat curve"</p>

<p>there is a 760 in there..</p>

<p>yeah that curve was definitely 780</p>