The Relevance of Geography

<p>Is geography a deciding factor in college admissions (especially tough schools such as those in the Ivy League)? For example, I'm from South Carolina; would that possibly hurt me when applying to a southern school, say, Vanderbilt, but help me when applying to a northern school, say, Columbia University? Thanks!</p>

<p>It can be a tip factor, but SC isn't particularly difficult to get applicants from.</p>

<p>At Stanford's convocation a few years ago, the dean of admissions joked that they had students from every state of the union accept South if you were from South Dakota, get your application in! </p>

<p>I think, as Waverly said, it's a 'tip' factor but SC isn't going to be a state they don't hear from. On the other hand, I know several midwestern schools have mentioned that they don't get nearly as many applicants from the south as they'd like. I suspect the climate is too daunting for many.</p>