The system needs to change ...

<p>I and a couple of like-minded students have created a Facebook group to get people together and promote conversation about how the college admissions process needs to change.</p>

<p>Join this group and contribute your opinion.</p>

<p>College Apps Waste My Life</p>

<p>link deleted</p>

<p>So...what do you propose</p>

<p>First we are trying to generate as much discussion about specific problems and ideas as possible before proposing a solution.</p>

<p>One thing that needs to change is the lack individual attention given to students. Guidance counselors are on average responsible for roughly 500 students.</p>

<p>Not at my school. So the problem is the American school system. Lol, big difference.</p>


<p>You're probably aware of this, but many college admissions officers and college presidents also think that the system is plagued with problems and are thinking very hard about solutions. A good concise introduction to some of the issues is "College Unranked: Ending the College Admissions Frenzy (ed. Lloyd Thacker), Harvard University Press, 2004. It's a good book for getting a look inside the admissions process, too.</p>