The Ultimate Supply List for Boarding School

Thanks! I was also skeptical because I never toured the dorms to get a good idea.

At most a good desk chair, but we just ordered one from Amazon once kiddo got there.

My daughter has one of these with the lid as a nightstand.

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That one has been on my mind! I think I’m going to get it but it’ll be one of the only bigger items I bring. I didn’t know they had lids, so I’ll look into that. Thanks!

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Some items that came in handy for our student (and ourselves):

  • Small rolling cart or dolly (you can buy for $25 at Home Depot) for moving in and/or moving out of dorm. This is a life-saver.

  • Plastic storage bins for under your bed.

  • Large zipper bags that you can use for storage and transport -

    Our hack is this: Instead of spending $bigbucks for a designer bag (like the one pictured by Scout) you can use a sturdy cooler bag from a grocery store or big box store for $10-$15. Kiddo has several “cooler” bags that zip shut so they work great for storing off-season clothing and outerwear.

  • Many dorm rooms come with limited overhead lighting. Bring a desk lamp and/or a floor lamp.

  • Move In/Move Out Day Survival Kit: Scissors with your name tag attached, electrical tape, duck tape, scotch tape, surge protector, extension cords, extra hooks & command strips, Clorox wipes, 2 large garbage bags (the waste bins in the hall are always full during move-in), light bulb for desk or floor lamp, bottled waters & snacks for the day, and a PORTABLE STEP LADDER.

  • We know one set of parents from (guess the zip code-you know who you are) that bring 2-3 orange caution cones to keep their parking spot or those of their friends while unloading by dorms. Not judging, just reporting (well, kind of judging :roll_eyes:)

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I read somewhere that it’s easier to bring disposable paper/plastic plates and utensils because that eliminates the need for washing them. Probably depends on the person whether or not that makes a difference.

Love Prep School Mooooo-vers!!! You could definitely make a fortune…except buying cars these days is almost as difficult as renting them!!


Do not diss my scout bags! :laughing: Those things were indispensable for kiddo’s move in and move out (x2 this year), and they are nicely holding her clean linens for the summer (thanks to an aunt who lives locally). We also got the Scout rump roosts for underbed storage. But without a doubt, tupperware and those giant ziploc bags (also handy for hurricanes) or those infamous blue Ikea bags work just as well.

Orange cones are only a little less tacky than arriving by personal helicopter (as a “friend” of mine did back in the 90s at Deerfield :roll_eyes:).

In terms of furniture, some rooms won’t even have space for a bedside table, but I would definitely bring a comfy desk chair to replace the standard one.

And since there tends to be a big student-led push to reduce waste on most campuses, kiddo was asked to bring reusable dishes/utensils/etc. Which did not get washed often. Or at all. At least she will have a very strong immune system.


Guess who arrived in May by helicopter to Deerfield? Hint: :football:

I can only guess :thinking: It was all over the news.

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Do you all suggest booking flights now or Is it too early?

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IMHO it is not too early for booking flights for drop off and Fall weekend.
YOU MUST BOOK RENTAL CARS EARLY - if you can even get one!

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Where do you get your news? I can’t find anything.

I don’t really remember, it was sent to me by a bunch of friends.

Here s the news clipping from the Greenfield news

Interesting! We’ve been wondering where his kids will go to school….there were many rumors the youngest ones would be at kiddo2s lds, but they never showed up. I’ve since heard they’re home schooled, but BS would make sense as they get old enough.

Hey all! Just wanted to give a reminder to check if/when your state is having a tax free period this month for certain items. Perfect time to buy clothing and supplies, didn’t want anyone to miss out🙂


I know for sure that most schools supply the furniture. If you feel so inclined however, I’m sure you could bring a small chair or something like that.

Start your countdown! For most of you…Your boarding school experience is only a week (give a few days or so) way! :nerd_face:

Don’t sweat the supply list….

  • Most schools have spacious and efficient shipping & receiving centers now.

  • Many students order supplies online and have the items shipped to school….one kid we know ordered a mattress.

  • You can also order online from the Big Box stores (Walmart, Target, KMart) and select to pick up your order at the store close to your boarding school.

  • Don’t overbuy clothes….wait to see what is the “vibe”. If you forgot something or need an outfit, students seem to readily share.

  • Know (in advance) the dress code.

  • Buying your own desk chair is not unusual. Many students find the provided desk chairs to be uncomfortable. So, if you have back issues or just need more comfort - having your own chair won’t seem unusual.

  • Desk lamp - this depends on your school. Kiddo’s school had one light bulb in the ceiling for the entire room. Most kids we know got a desk lamp.

  • Power strip - surge protector

  • Storage bins - they come in handy for tansport and then storage. Most dorms have a storage area in the basement for luggage and bins.

  • Garbage bags for move-in……the garbage bins seem to fill up by mid-morning of drop off.

  • Scissors, screw driver, tape, command strips, hooks and small step ladder. Why? This comes in handy for storage places and also for setting up your bed if it’s often or bunked.

  • A fan