The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor for an Out of Stater?

<p>Numerical Stats:</p>

<p>SAT I:
1340 (680V, 660 M)</p>

<p>SAT II:
Writing - 780
W. History - 740
U. History - 700</p>

English Language - 5
Art History - 3
Environmental Science - 4</p>

<p>Around 7 College Courses taken.</p>

<p>GPA (weighted, without senior year courses): 3.741
GPA (weighted, with senior year courses): 3.82</p>

<p>GPA shows a rising trend.</p>

<p>I go to a .. well, not-so-great, 800 average SAT, public high school. It's failing, or close to failing under NCLB.</p>

<p>Final grades have been submitted, mid-year report has been turned in.</p>

<p>This year's schedule:</p>

<p>AP Macroeconomics - A
AP Psychology - A
AP English Literature - A
AP Biology - C
AP US History - A (don't ask, scheduling screw-up)
J.R.O.T.C. - Not even counted.</p>

<p>Community College Grades:</p>

<p>History 001 - A
History 011 - A
Psychology 001 - A
Math 240 - A
Economics 001 - C
Art 111 - C
Political Science - A</p>

<p>Classes still pending grades:</p>

<p>Math 215
Math 216
Math 225</p>

<p>Extracurriculars (listed on the application):</p>

<p>Battalion Commander and All-City Colonel, Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps
Founder, President, and Chief Prosecutor for the Mock Trial
Senior Student Delegate to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council
Social Science Tutor
Captain and Chief Strategist for the International Relations/Summit Team
National Delegate to the Freedom's Foundation
State-level Delegate to California Boys State, Superior Court Judge and Judge of the Year
Service Learning Coordinator
Chairperson of the Young Republicans Party
Debate, Language Club, blah blah whatever..
Editor of Literary Magazine (I found out that something I did counts)</p>

<p>Oh yeah, doesn't really count, but Presidential Classroom, under a full scholarship from the Freedom's Foundation..</p>

<p>Awards from:
American Legion - Gold Scholastic Award for Excellence
Military Order of the World Wars - Award for Leadership Excellence
Military Order of the Purple Heart - Award for Leadership Excellence
Reserve Officers Association of America - Award for Leadership Excellence
Military Officers Association of America - Award for Leadership Excellence</p>

<p>Your grades and SAT are about average for Michigan, but if you have not applied yet, it is getting late. If you have applied, I would say your chances of getting in are 40/60. If you have not applied yet, your chances aren't very good.</p>

<p>why isnt the dadline for applications feb 1st?</p>

<p>Michigan has roling admisions (first-come, first-serve). Anybody who applies before October will benefit from the system. Anybody who applies after October will be be hurt by the system.</p>

<p>Got my response from UMich yesterday. Reason I asked was because mom told me I got mail -- didn't bother checking it, and wanted to pool my chances beforehand. Sort of a luck thing, if anything.</p>

<p>I got in. :-D</p>

<p>Congrtualtions Tlaktan! Great news!!! If I recall, Georgetown is your dream school, so I wish you luck with the Hoyas. But for now, you can at least rest knowing that you have a good university in the bag.</p>

<p>Tlaktan did you apply for aid? If so, let me know how your package is.</p>

<p> long did it take for their notification</p>