they still havent...

<p>made a decision on my application so i was wondering if the later before december 21st...the lesser chance you have of gettin in there any correlation or do they continue checking apps until the deadlinel.</p>

<p>also i just wanna say i sent in my stuff pretty late like it said november 2nd received but theyre counting it as early notification</p>

<p>3.8 umich gpa oos
32 act(35 math)
applying to engineering</p>

<p>looks like i'm waiting until the 21st too.... this is frustrating.</p>


<p>Your guess is as good as anyones...there are people on CC who haven't heard and their apps have been complete since beginning to mid-oct. and there have been people deferred/admitted/whatever in three weeks from completion..I would not be at all surprised if the Dec 21st date is not even reality....they haven't really stuck to the original dates posted on the website, so why would they stick to that one? It appears that they may be waiting to compare all remaining applicants at one time before winter break; given that scenario there will probably be only one more release of decisions, not two as previously thought......that date could be any time between now and Dec. 21st IMO.....</p>

<p>i wonder if um will just defer everyone that they do not make a decision about before december 21.</p>