Things u love

<p>I decided to make a happy post
<em>Things I love</em>
Ohio University-Athens!!!
girls who arent afraid to admit that they have sex
Hott emo girls
The internet
2 hour delays
When ppl that i just met the night b4 say hi to me in the hall
When a girl has the confidence to make the first move
Thinking about college
The colors pink and canary yellow
Mitsubishi 3000 GT's
Getting an 85 on an ap bio test
Hott asian girls
Having fun with my wasted friends before im wasted myself
Hot french fries
Chewy cookies
jeans that fit me perfectly
Sleeping past 9 am
The Spill Canvas and The Academy is...
My little sister
When ppl give me a compliment that im not used to getting(like you have a nice voice or your cute with your eyes closed.. something lame like that)
Girls who make me laugh
Weekends without seeing my parents
The Midwest!!!
Being a guy
Orange+Tropical Punch flavored gatorade x factor</p>

<p>Raindrops on roses.</p>

<p>I definitely said "I love being a guy" at least five times this week.</p>

<p>Heck yeah the midwest rules! :D</p>

<p>1<3 the midwest!!!</p>

<p>"I enjoy being a girl!"</p>

<p>I dunno, theoneo got that song stuck in my head!</p>

<p>having deep conversations with people i don't know very well</p>

<p>haha i don't know why, but that always makes me happy :-)</p>

<p>walking and listening to music while going to school</p>

<p>here comes more:
Bands who's 2nd cd is better than their first
Avril F'ing Lavigne
Spring Break
Free Downloads
Panda Bears
Free Candy</p>

<p>East Coast
German Food
Slavic Food
Women who like men with wavy dirty blond hair and dark green eyes</p>

<p>sleep .</p>

<p>defintely sleep, the longer the better ( for it to be good it has to be over 12hrs lol)
computers lol...</p>

<p>getting cinamon pretzels from the pretzel time on lex on my way home
being a girl
my high school
being a teenager
finding out that someone i thought didnt like me liked me all along
law and order
being a girly girl that has a psp and watches south park
being a party girl whos also smart.</p>

<p>haha yea megaman, anything under 12 hours of sleep is not enough for me. Having said that, by my definition, I'm sleep deprived 364/365 days in a year.</p>

<p>okay, you like OU but not OSU? weird.</p>

<p>i love exact change.
and being a girl. it's my excuse for everything.</p>

<p>how is liking ou but not osu weird... wouldnt it be weirder to like both since they are nothing alike?</p>

<p>well, yeah, but you say you hate OSU but love OU, and so i assumed you were comparing them but those in themselves are kind of random things to hate, when put together. unless you're a wolverine. </p>

<p>okay that kind of didn't make sense. but maybe you get the idea.</p>

<p>i have a really biased view of OU anyway.</p>

Things u love

Your mom.</p>

<p>Stop with those your mom jokes Jimmy. lol I think they r out of fashion.</p>

<p>things i love</p>

<p>columbia college!!</p>

<p>i love my mom...</p>

<p>and no school days.</p>

<p>Seeing friends again when they visit from college
Getting mail that's not junk mail (applies to e-mail as well)
Talking to people
Working in the lab (I'm a science nerd)
Getting big envelopes from colleges I've applied to (hasn't happened yet, but we'll see!)</p>