Thoughts on Some Kentucky Schools

<p>Considering both of these schools for different reasons: </p>

<p>Asbury: I was really impressed on my visit. They have a terrific communications/film/theater and cinema studies program. I am interested in theater and may try out for some theater scholarships. I eventually want to attend law school. I feel like I would be able to connect with my professors here and develop a sizable network. What is the general consensus on Asbury? </p>

<p>Lindsey Wilson: I do not like the campus as much as Asbury...but they offered me full tuition and board! I also have a fair shot at one of the top scholarships at Lindsey. This scholarship would put me in touch with a the president of the school and provide a lot of excellent opportunities. </p>

<p>Some thoughts: I feel like Asbury has a better reputation as a well-respected Christian LAC. Is this true? Lindsey Wilson may be lesser known, but it would be paid for! This would make law school much more affordable, because I could save up! Thoughts?</p>

<p>I’m not sure…the only college I hear people routinely boast about during my visits is UK.</p>

<p>What is your intended major? Law school admissions is a tough business. Tbh, I’ve never heard of either of those. It doesn’t matter what school you attend as reputation of your institution isn’t really a factor (if you’re going to go to law school). Extremely high GPA and LSAT is probably north of 80% what gets you in. URM is definitely a factor too.</p>

<p>Not really sure about intended major. I may do something where it relatively easy to make good grades (history of philosophy) if I become 100% set on law school. If not, I will probably aim to pick up some sort of skill (accounting maybe). Do you think a smaller school could provide more personal help with law school admission opposed to a bigger school like UK?</p>

<p>Transylvania is the best LAC in Kentucky.</p>

<p>True, but it would cost much more than either of these two!</p>


<p>As long as we’re talking Kentucky, how’s Bellarmine?</p>

<p>The personal attention at an LAC is always going to be beneficial . . . including when it comes to grad school advising.</p>

<p>As for your original question (Asbury vs. Lindsey Wilson) - don’t go to Asbury because of its reputation . . . both schools are relatively unknown outside of Kentucky, so that’s just not going to make that much of a difference. And, again, it’s your performance in school - and not the school’s rank or reputation - that’s going to make the biggest difference when it comes to law school admissions.</p>

<p>But if you want to major in theatre/cinema, then that’s a great reason to pick Asbury! Frankly, law school is boring as heck (in my opinion) and if you can actually do something you enjoy for the four years that you’re an undergrad, then you should do it, if it’s affordable . . .</p>

<p>My advice would be to apply to both . . . and see how the aid packages compare. You might end up being pleasantly surprised with the offer you get from Asbury. If not, then save the money and go to Lindsey Wilson.</p>

<p>Tran all was give the artistic kids at my school a full ride.</p>

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<p>Yeah, the plan is to save money in undergrad and then try and attend a T14 law school. Would the T14 law schools be more likely to pick somebody who went to a more nationally prominent LAC or even a state flagship…compared to a regional LAC? </p>

<p>Of course, as you mentioned, it ultimately comes down to how I perform in college, but I was just curious if going else where to a more recognizable school would help when applying to a T14.</p>

<p>Bumping back to the top…</p>



<p> rates Transylvania the #22 institution in KY, and Centre College #1. According to Forbes, Centre College is the highest-ranking college or university in KY. USNWR ranks Centre the #42 “National Liberal Arts College” (highest in Kentucky), and Transylvania #81. Kiplinger rates Centre the #16 “Best Value” LAC and Transylvania #68.</p>

<p>(Not that these ratings necessarily mean a heck of a lot. Anyway, Centre is even more expensive than Transylvania, and more selective too.)</p>

<p>centre is a hidden gem!
u of louisvile and u of ketucky would both be great for med school , mba’s etc! to big for me undergrad(IMO)</p>