Thread for BSMD 2020-2021 Applicants (Part 1)

Best case scenario for med scholar is 0 from traditional route, yet it is not best.

Someone who is in the program mentioned that UCF BMS program admits around 35-40 students.

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Thank you. Honors College Acceptance email came in last Tue.

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Hey brainbuilder02 - Its good to hear that you are enjoying your BSMD program. South asian studies as a minor is good :+1: Which BSMD program did you end up joining? Are you remote or on-site for your UG?

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These numbers may represent both SLU Med Scholars and regular SLU UG who matriculated to SLU SOM. These numbers indicate that may be less than 30 SLU Med Scholar are matriculating to SLU SOM. Not a good statistics.
Assume a 3:1 ratio among Med Scholar to regular UG gives approximately 22/8 (year 2020), 31/11 (year 2021), 26/9 ( year 2022), 29/9( year 2023). The average of these 4 years is 27 med scholars matriculating to SLU SOM from above calculations. Assuming the class started with 80, 27/81 = 1/3, so a 33% chance of matriculating to SLU SOM. The regular route MD has a 42% chance of at least one medical school acceptance.
Make your call after careful deliberations.

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Good to hear from you. I need full report in :slight_smile:

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Anyone get any results from Brooklyn College BA/MD?

I know someone heard about a program interview from Oklahoma but did anyone hear about it from University of Tulsa? D just got Presidential scholarship from Tulsa but won’t be worth going without program.

Alright. Does any of y’all know about the Flexner Report? My BSMD interviewer asked me about it and I had no idea what it was. So I’m just interested to see if it was common knowledge or something unheard of

It is related to current medical school education/training structure in USA. See

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Did you know before or used your Google skills? :crazy_face:


I agree if you get a stroke you will be shipped to nearest trauma center and you do not have choice who is your surgeon and any board certified will be a privilege.

But if one has time and choice to save their life Will as patient look at the surgeon residency credentIals ??? Quality of outcomes for each surgeon is not transparent to general public unless you know someone in that setting ??


waste time at the cost of your life as some of the complex cases are not diagnosed and handled accurately at lower ranked setting

Small settings hospitals and programs have a place but are not for handling complex cases.

Not exactly true. Most physicians will refer the complex cases to experts at major regional University medical center. One is also bound by the limitations of the insurance coverage unless one has a Cadillac Heath Insurance plan. Not every one will have access to a JHU trained expert for their medical needs. Only local major academic research centers at university hospitals at RWJ and NJMS may be accessible on their insurance plan in NJ.

I agree if they can diagnose it accurately

Many times the diagnostic capability and expertise is limited and takes time which may not be in your favor

Would you drive two hours to go to ranked settings and surgeon vs local settings 20 minute away from home if it is your life ?

Does your health insurance not require a referral to consult with an expert ?
Most insurance may do. Most just can not do without a referral unless willing to foot the whole bill without insurance and paying at non-discounted rates.

PPO does not require approval you can go anywhere in network

HMO requires PCP approval which can be done lower setting hospital but you should look and ask him to refer to specialist at ranked settings in your network. Normally PCP refer to their own setting surgeon but you have a voice

Most PPO insurance may probably restrict to their own experts in the network. It all depends on individual insurance plan. Yes, one should always do research and explore all the possibilities for treatments with their physicians. Physicians do know good referral doctors based on their reputations. Do not know much about Michigan insurance plans

Most patients don’t care about where doctors got trained, some may do based on race/ethnicity not based on medical school. As @grt2010 said insurance drives it and also complex cases will be sent to university hospitals sometimes.

However as I said multiple times, most new docs are opting for job instead of private practice so just like any other job brand name helps with first job.

Did a google search.

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I know someone heard about a program interview from Oklahoma but did anyone hear about it from University of Tulsa?