Thread for BSMD 2020-2021 Applicants

Yes, they send an email a couple days later with all the dates you scheduled! Good luck!

so any updates from UIC GPPA?

Unfortunately GPPA sees lowest representation on this forum being IL only.

Just got Union/ AMC rejection

Good to see a reasonably high number of BU interview calls this time unlike last year’s (or more people willing to share the good news). Good luck to you all and to others waiting as well.

@Mom22DDs hope you could get it sorted with respect to the missed call from BU yesterday.

Hmm. that’s interesting. We were told that no one has failed to meet the academic standards. Some people drop due to personal reasons. Organic chem at BU is actually said to be easier than gen chem. Freshman year tends to be the most difficult year for undergrad. And chem is almost always tougher than physics freshman year for SMEDs.

Yes, they called her today to setup the interview. Thanks for asking @rk2017!

Has anybody heard from AMC after submitting the supplement from Siena?

Received interview for SUNY Upstate today. Has anyone had their interview with Upstate yet?

Congratulations, So for which feeder college?

what number is BU calling from? i have gotten a number of missed calls from the same number that i don’t recognize over the past few days.


Then call that number back.

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Should be Boston area code, starting with 617. May also have Boston University caller id.
Also check the inbox and spam folders of the email you provided in your application for any missed communication from them in case they haven’t been able to reach you.

ok, thanks

check your email inbox and spam folders, I just edited the earlier post (in case you just missed reading it)

Kiddo just got his email stating he made it to GW interview stage. Yay!!

This is my personal #1 choice as it would put both my kids in the same city for college (older one is at American).


Nope, probably waiting to finish Union/RPI invites first

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Ohhh, so does AMC send out all of its RPI invites out first, then all of its Union invites, and then all of its Siena invites?


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