Thread for BSMD 2021-2022

It is on the borderline.
It can be overcome but if there is an option, ask her to give one more time and aim for 35+.

Hello! My daughter is on non-imigrant visa (H4 /International), she is in junior year and so far completed her education in California, USA.
1.So what are chances for getting into BS/MD prog for International students?
2. Which are BS/MD colleges we can target ?

Practically, all BS/MDs require you to be a US citizen or Green Card (GC) holder.

Are you expecting to get a GC in the next 3-4 years?
I believe the NJMS program allows you to apply but there need proof of citizenship/ GC before matriculating in medical school.

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@pbsmd11 Please call NJMS feeder schools to confirm. Consult an immigration attorney regarding immigration issues. After 18 years of age, your D is treated as an adult.

Below BSMD programs accept international student application.

  • Boston BU SMED
  • Case PPSP
  • Brown-PLME
  • Penn State- PMM
  • NJMS
  • Stonybrook
  • SUNY Upstate

Call/email to confirm they accept your kid’s visa status and to learn/understand if there are any caveats.

@pbsmd11 It would be virtually impossible for an international applicant to get admission into a U S medical school, IMO. It is not an reliable option, IMO. Keep other options open like going back to your home country for medical school ( India may have some preference quota for NRIs in medical schools if applicable to you).
As a parent what is your VISA status (H1B Visa ??) ? Is your GC petition pending ? Will it be granted before your kid turns 18 years of age ? After 18 years, your D is considered an adult.
Please get professional advise from an immigration attorney.

@ NoviceDad : Thanks for the info !

Thanks for the info !

Threebrook : THNX :slight_smile:

Son’s pre-welcome letter states 53 students in PLME from 2021 cycle.

Info from 2019 showed 61 matriculants so slightly smaller intake this year.


Hi everyone! Nervous but excited to apply this cycle, good luck to everyone!

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How does Early action work with BSMD programs?

For most programs, BSMD applications have their own deadlines, which can be different than regular undergrad admissions.
As long as you apply by the deadline, your application is part of the pool.

@shaily wrote:
My son is a Junior right now and interested in BS/MD program. As you have already done research…we are in NJ which school is easy to target.

He has GPA 3.9/ EMT/Doctor Shadow/Internship/School President/Eagle Scout/15 AP with all 4 and 5. He has low SAT 1490

Any sugestions !!


All BS/MD program are hyper-competitive.
His SAT score is low - any chance of him giving it again and increasing his score?

Alternatively, a few colleges MAY allow test-optional applications. Target them.

@shaily IMO, NJ is a very competitive state with many excellent ORMs applicants (mostly desi and other Asians ). One needs near perfect stats UW GPA and SAT/ACT scores to be competitive. IMO, try UG regular route MD with your son’ stats.

@shaily You have a couple of options there, as @NoviceDad suggested apply as test-optional if the school allows, as @grtd2010 suggested check out the traditional route, or try BS/DO programs too. Some of the applicants applied in the past to a couple of BS/DO programs too. You may check out their profiles posted in the BSMD results thread for the last couple of years. There are no such easy-to-target schools in BS/MD route, as you may be rejected by low-tier BS/MD programs and accepted by the top-tier programs. There are very few students who just applied to 2-3 BSMD programs and got 1 at least, and there are students who have applied to a dozen or more BSMDs and got none. With your profile, IMO you need to apply to more BSMD programs to increase your chance of acceptance. Maybe 20+ (and some BSDO programs if you are interested). Is GPA 3.9 UW? Good luck.

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My D wants to apply to several BSMD programs, but she’s concerned about how far her stats can get her.

Asian American
GPA: (UW) 4.0, (W) 5.27
Rank: 30s in a class of about 500 in competitive school
SAT: 1540
PSAT: 1480 (hoping for semi finalist)
Medical ECs: CNA, Hospital Volunteering (30+ hours), Nursing Home Volunteering (30+ hours), will do Virtual Shadowing during the summer and will do med scribe course in senior year
ECs: Varsity Choir 6 years, President of Service Club, Worship Team in Church, HOSA, Online Tutor, etc.

Because of her class rank, I’m a little unsure about her chances! Any feedback would be appreciated ^^.

IMO, your D is competitive but BSMD process is very unpredictable. One should apply to 10-15 BSMD programs. Please keep regular UG route MD option open. Decide when the time comes based on the available options.

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I would not worry too much about the rank. Some programs look at it, others do not care too much.
Her SAT score is borderline but doable.
Ensure her essays and LORs are good.

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Hi, i’m planning on applying to BSMD programs this cycle, I was wondering what majors students usually choose in BSMD, and if it would be okay to major in math?