to those who were accepted ED

<p>first off, congratulations!!
i remember someone mentioning something like a mini cc reuinion at columbia next year? which might be sweet.</p>

<p>but yeah id love to talk to /get to know some people before next year, and i figured some of you guys might want to as well?</p>

<p>so i dunno how this would work, but post some kind of contact details here if youre interested? (msn / aim etc). yup.</p>

<p>PS: my sympathies for those who got rejected and good luck to those deferred and going RD!</p>

<p>edit: i forgot to put mine in. so yeah, to start:
msn = ieatpropaganda (@hotmail)
aim= lemmingabduction</p>


<p>AIM: Puppyfury</p>

<p>Another congrats to you guys. I'm sure you've heard it hundreds of times by now but I bet you're not tired of it.</p>

<p>^_^; Wish I could've been part of that reunion.</p>

<p>guys.. done openly give aim/msn info.. make a list of acceptees pm</p>