<p>anybody else moving in tomororw?</p>

<p>Oh god i can't believe it's already move in time.</p>

<p>Where happened to like...April? March is the last month I remember it being.</p>

<p>Also, I'm preparing myself for how annoyed I'm going to be when Westwood isn't completely desolate anymore. I got used to the relative quiet. </p>


<p>Moved in on Saturday. I love the city. I was walking around earlier and I counted 7 bums and 3 shopping carts. I know I'm in the city now! haha where are you guys living this year?</p>

<p>sidenote: URSA has already updated my info...I'm getting a refund of 900 bucks! Excited.</p>

<p>Aw. That's nice that you had happy city thoughts when you saw bums. I generally tend to cross the street, depending on how loud the obscenities they're yelling are. You're a better, less jaded person than I.</p>

<p>i'll be theeeeere...:D</p>

<p>its move in time for move in assitants. and athletes. how did u get in already bfireD?</p>

<p>allie where r u living? OC? apartment? or if its on campus u dont have to say on a public forum</p>

<p>You guys need to promise to remind me that I was stoked about starting classes in about 2 months when I come here and complain about how much I hate my life and school and ask if a BA is really that important after all. </p>


<p>Cuz I am. Stoked, anyway. But the other sentiments are completely inevitable.</p>

<p>Nah I'm living in my same apartment again this year. I never got into the on campus thing. </p>

<p>But the eveeel roommate is gone and the friend has moved in. And I'm no longer tied down to a bunch of crappy friends I had to deal with last year. So this year has to rock. It shall totally rock. </p>

<p>^That's my positive affirmation. I repeat it constantly. Self-fulfilling prophecies and such.</p>

<p>of course. its a mixed bag.</p>

<p>Well, it is. But I'm especially prone to pre-test, day-before-the-paper-is-due sleep deprived crazed rantings. More than others, it seems. So yknow.</p>

<p>wait what was so bad about your roommate</p>

<p>She was absolutely bats**t crazy. Really. And she ended up screwing me out of about $700 between a bounced check and unpaid bills and moving out earlier than we agreed, which is why I have the pleasure of informing her that she won't be receiving her security deposit tomorrow. But yeah. 23 yrs old and completely financially irresponsible, on top of just being annoying. Smoked too much weed (including in my apartment when I wasn't there, I'm not really down w smoking inside) and so she had this constant persistant cough where it sounded like she was clearing her throat all the time. "Recycled" but never actually dumped the recycling so it'd pile up. Random hippie friends over all the time. Rearranged all of my furniture all the damn time. Would go into my room when I wasn't there (pretty sure her friends slept in my bed, which is disgusting). Converted my living room into her own private suite. Etc. </p>

<p>I really could go on for days.</p>

<p>I've just always wanted to live in a city with bums. Real bums, not the surburbian wanna-be bums. I'm sure that sounds ridiculous, but it really isn't. There's nothing quite like stepping over bums when trying to get into Rite-Aid, or walking faster when bums try to hassle you for change. I'm not saying it in a mean way, I'm just acknowledging that I'm in the city, and I have to deal with bums now, that's all. That was much too much thought about bums.</p>

<p>I'm living off campus on Wilshire, and my apartment and roommates are great. I walked to UCLA a few times and it's a lot closer than I thought- 15 minutes or less. The longest part is actually waiting to cross Wilshire.</p>

<p>Lol, that's so sweet. Except I'm not taking the LSAT.</p>

<p>I believe you're thinking of Allena. And I wish him good luck, too.</p>

<p>ack sounds exhasuting allie. making me</p>

<p>It was pretty bad. Ended up going home waaaaaaay too much (well, between that and the being tied to the crappy friends at home thing) and didn't really make a good enough connection at school. Which is why this year definitely has to rock. </p>

<p>Being employed and not stressed about that will help, too.</p>

<p>it will. it will.</p>

<p>I am telling you all this moving in, setting financial aid, getting textbooks, is making me lose my mind.</p>

<p>Screw it, I am going to the beach tomorrow.</p>

<p>id join ya... if i wasnt moving in tomorow!</p>