too late to take SAT II's in january?

<p>I'm a senior and I registered to take two sat II subject tests in december but i don't think i'll be ready to take them then (i have alot going on so i don't think i can review for them enough). i am considering changing my test date to january. do you think that will be too late for applying to northwestern RD?</p>

<p>Check their website. Also, you might want to consider taking just one SAT II in December and leaving the other for January, assuming that deadline is okay.</p>

<p>that's a good idea. however, i feel like i've looked everywhere on their website and i still can't find the answer</p>

<p>You can always call the admissions office.</p>

<p>One of the reasons you cannot easily find a date for submission of II's is because Northwerstern does not require them except for a couple of special programs. For those the due date is the same as the SAT. It must be in thier hands by January 15, which would make the Janauray test date too late.</p>