Too many units for USC?

<p>I was reading though the USC website and it said transfers (excluding architecture and engineer students in some "3-2" program) cannot have more than 64 semester units. Is this true? I am enrolled in a community college and its my first year and I will have 41 units at the end of the spring semester (will probably take atleast 8 units in the summer to catch up). Am I destroying my chances of transfering by trying to overachieve? I am also applying as a sophomore transfer (with 16 units completed) and if I don't get in (I'm preparing myself for the worse), should I take like 6 units my following semesters? Also, I am taking classes that fullfill IGETC, do these greatly differ from those required for USC? Thank you.</p>

<p>Oh, first of all, if you are taking classes at CC, don't worry about credit limit affecting your admission. </p>

<p>IGETC is not accepted at USC, they recommend following their own GE breadth pattern. Go to take a look at <a href=""&gt;;/a> for more information.</p>