Took dance for p.e credit but will it satisfy uc's vpa?

<p>Hi guys..I'm a noob so bear with me.
I took beginning dance in sophmore year for my high school p.e credits. It satisfies the visual and performing arts requirement for UC's. I was wondering if even though I took it for high school p.e credits, can I still put it down as my VPA class on UC apps?</p>

<p>Absolutely because the UC's don't count PE, so dance should be put under the category of Visual and Performing Arts</p>

<p>okay THANKS for the reply!!!</p>

<p>no prob..........</p>

<p>Look up your California public or private high school in <a href=""&gt;;/a> to see which courses fulfill which of the UC/CSU a-g requirements.</p>