Top schools, my anecdotal impressions.

My impression of the type of student that attends each of these schools I visited with my DD. Just a general, funny, impression not meant to insult or demean feel free to add your own impressions.

Stanford- I’m here because I want to start a start up.
Princeton - I’m here because I really like myself
Cornell - I’m here because this is an Ivy
Harvard - I’m here, we’ll because, it’s HARVARD
UChicago - I’m here because I like studying

“When someone says they got into an Ivy, I’m thinking they got into Cornell, Brown, Penn, Columbia or Dartmouth. When they get into HYP, they just use that name”.

Based on your comment above I wish your DD luck in avoiding the “anonymity” of non HYP ivies. Hopefully she won’t have to settle for those “other” schools.

My Impressions:

Columbia I love the pace and access NYC provides as a backdrop for a world class education.

Brown The flexibility of an open curriculum affords me the opportunity to explore academic areas I might not otherwise be able to in a more rigid school, and every kid I share a class with is there because they want to be.

Dartmouth I enjoy a beautiful bucolic setting and the cross over opportunities some of the graduate studies opportunities that are available.

Cornell I enjoy a challenging academic environment and the size of the schools affords me many benefits only available at a large school.

Penn I enjoy an urban setting along with the combination of traditional humanities courses and some Wharton/business specific classes to choose from.

Great and unique school’s all. Never would I think their student bodies to be defined by generalizations. Neither would I ever imagine those in attendance claiming “Ivy League” over specific school loyalty. The vast majority choose the schools in question based on fit not failure to get into HYP.

I once again wish your daughter well and hope her expectations are framed so that anything shy of HYP remains the amazing achievement it truly is assuming it is a school that makes her happy.

I actually think they are all great schools but I am stating facts not fiction and I’m not emotional about
it. Heck my cousin even graduated from an Ivy……………………Dartmouth.

So if your daughter attends Dartmouth you will respond when questioned about her college by saying it is an Ivy League? You find that to be the case among other non HYP ivies attendees? That is the “fact”.

Once again I have never in my life experienced that having met literally hundreds of the cohort you are describing.

Many kids choose to apply only to schools that appeal to them based upon their personal specific criteria. At all the ivies you are talking about super elite kids. They don’t default to HYP but take a nuanced approach. Similarly they make their ultimate attendance decisions based on fit. Once in they embrace the decision with pride. The 23 kids at my sons school that were accepted at ivies wore their sweatshirts with equal pride across all 8 school. Also of note the other kids who went to the entire range of schools were equally prideful.

That is in no way an emotional response just fact. My emotion however is involved when I think your characterization risks setting kids up for artificial failure and self doubt. Once again the majority of kids choose schools that suit them. They don’t impose your value basis of HYP and then the rest. Again I hope your daughter gets into the school of her choice but it is perilous for you to frame such a distinction.

Well then I can assume your from the NE, as the further west you go the more this seems to be the case.

I don’t care if you live in a cave Dartmouth or Columbia grads don’t say I went to an Ivy. They name the schools and prideful.

Heck you even did it. “Heck, My cousin graduated from an Ivy…Dartmouth”. You are clearly more focused on the term Ivy League then those who have attended one of the 8 schools that comprise it. It’s called school spirit not League spirit.

So to my question if your daughter goes to Cornell will you respond to queries with Ivy or Cornell?

If we’re making sweeping generalizations, then I add for all the schools listed, except for Stanford, “I’m here, because I don’t care about sports, weather and fun.”

Actually I believe you are correct. in that graduates from those schools do refer to them by there name, its just others that refer to it as an Ivy, although some grads will tend to say its an Ivy league school if they get a blank look when they say “Brown” for example.

Actually some first hand knowledge about Brown kids. The vast majority are put off by the perception of elitism associated with the Ivy League. Can’t envision many throwing it out there. Most view themselves as lucky to be there, have chosen to go there from several options and are happy while in attendance. They don’t need others validations. At least from what I have seen.

Or Penn. Which had to force everyone to call it UPenn so as not to be confused with Penn State… a public :((

XXXXX - I am here because I got in and family can afford it would be a simple answer for any college.

I think all ivy league schools consider other schools in the league as peers. It is people they are lack of self confidence that need extra boost to claim which one(s) is (are) better than the others.

@Nocreativity1 +1 vs @CU123 -1

Not saying they do @Nocreativity1

@sushiritto I think some of the attendees of these colleges (like UChicago) genuinely have a different idea of “fun”. A legit different view of the world.

Lots of people assuming things here, never said anything about peers or better than…

@intparent Isn’t Chicago’s mantra “Where fun goes to die”? Seriously, my post was tongue-in-cheek, as I assume the thread was too.

Actually CU123 when you say that Brown kids respond to a blank stare with it’s an Ivy League you are suggesting they are seeking affirmation or validation. Right? Your entitled to that view but that hasn’t been my experience.

Chicago stole it from Cal Tech

I know it was kind of a joke. But my kid who got into UChicago DOES have a different idea of fun than a lot of college age kids. “Life of the mind” is her idea of a good time!

Ironic. My kid decided not to apply to UChicago, because of the same reason your kid chose it. :slight_smile:

My kid at Stanford is the least likely person to start a start up. But he does admire people who do it.