Transfer Admissions and Clubs

<p>I know that joing clubs in high school is important for getting into college, so everyone tries to join as many as they can. Is college any different though? I really can't see myself joining more than 3 not BS-helping-people organizations right now and Im a freshman. Will this hurt my chances when applying to a school in the top 40 as a transfer student?</p>

<p>The very top colleges want students to contribute to campus life as well as being able to handle their academic work.</p>

<p>As is the case with students applying straight out of college, the top colleges want to see evidence that the students are leaders and active in their schools and/or community. Depth and impact, not the number of activities, is important.</p>

<p>It depends what schools you are applying to. For the most part it is not nearly as important as it is for freshman applicants. I would suggest having a few strong ec's but not the laundry list most kids have in high school. If you work that counts as an ec too.</p>