Transfer Chances - UVA/UT/UMiami/Cornell

<p>Current University - Virginia Tech
Transfering as a Sophmore
Major - General Engineering right now, soon to be EE
HS GPA - 3.6 (4.2 senior year)
SAT - 1380 (750M/630V...dont know about writing, no one looks at it anyways, but i do know i got an 11 on the essay)
College GPA - 3.4-3.5 projected for first semester
Residency - Virginia
8 APs - all 4s and 5s</p>

-JV lacrosse 9th, Varsity 10th, Winter track 10th-12th (varsity), Spring Track 11th-12th (quit lax because i was way better at track and i played club lacrosse instead of school team)
-captain track 12th, lettered both seasons 11th/12th
-band (marching and wind ensemble (concert)) 9-11th, had to drop 12th due to AP conflicts) - section leader in marching band 11th, play 3 instruments
-Girl Scout Gold Award (50+ hour service project)
-Key Club 10th-12th
-Officer of HS Key Club (4-6hr week commitment)
-tutored at local elementary school 9-12th, 250+ hours total
-Math Honor Society 10th-12th
-Math Team 9th-12th (JV 9/10, V 11/12) lettered 11/12 because I was in top 5 highest scorers for the school, reconized as top 50 at county level 12th
-ROTC scholarship awarded (didn't take it though due to outside circumstances...not sure if i should include this...should i??)
-college tour guide for prospective students
-SWE (society of women engineer) member; sit on various commitees (fundraising, recruiting)
-SEC (society of engineering council) member
-next may, i am walking in Avon's 2-day Breast Cancer Walk - in process raising $1,800 to do so
-active 5K runner (not sure if this is a good "EC" but its a passion i have)</p>

<p>Applying to:
UVA (instate) Engineering
UT-Austin Engineering
U of Miami (Fl) Eng.
Cornell (reach, i know, but dad pays the tuition, so he has input)</p>

<p>I like VT's engineering, but thats all they seem to have, and i want a broader education that includes humanities/other sciences...basically, an engineering education with a liberal arts "flare" to it (i've never gotten below a B+ in an english or history class, and i happen to kick butt in english, as i've never had a teacher who hasn't liked my writing style, even though it tends to be a bit lengthy sometimes =P)
so, if anyone can suggest other schools that are strong in engineering but can offer me a wider range of classes, it would be great =)
What would be my chances at the schools i have so far?</p>

<p>Not related to chances because I'm gonna go back to my essay soon, but what are your 5k times? This past week I just ran 5 Thanksgiving related 5ks (Pretty interesting experience). Fastest I clocked was a 16:04.</p>

<p>I ran a Turkey Trot 5K and got 24:15, which isnt obviously a record, but im glad because i thought i would barely make it under 30, and i ran with my brother who hasnt ever run that far, so it was interesting...i was a sprinter haha and now in college, i havent run over 2mi since probably September when I still had a life outside studying for chemistry, tryin to not fail calculus, and doing a continous stream of projects/papers/problem sets for engineering =P</p>

<p>um, since your instate for uva, i think its an easy in. But for you know that they only accept 5% out of state? not to mention you want to go into engineering, which is the hardest major to get into...</p>

<p>no, im totally aware...i actually got IN to texas last year, but not into engineering, and i didnt want to spend a year and $36K+ to do nothing for engineering (thats why i turned down the NROTC, because it was to Texas)
they have a deal with texas schools: top 25% of the graduating senior class is guarenteed admission to any university/ 10% is guarenteed admission to both the campus AND the college, which is why its 92% in state...heck, thats worse than uva! (jk)</p>


<p>hahahahaha oh my god it took me like 45 minutes to run a 5k when i was in high school, i hate myself</p>

<p>bump...i want opinions, not running stuff</p>

<p>I think that if you bump your GPA up to a cumulative 3.6, that with your strong AP scores, SAT Math and female status will get you in at UT Austin. Another poster rightly commented that engineering would be very difficult to get into, however with those numbers (considering a boosted GPA), I think you should feel better about UT.</p>

<p>I don't think you'll get Cornell Engin. mostly because Cornell Engineering is brutal. All I know about Cornell E. is their freshman admission philosophy. While they admit a proportionally high number, that is a very self selective group with high stats. With your lower middle SAT scores, I don't think you'd be a strong applicant there.</p>

<p>However, if you spent another year at VT and tried to keep your GPA above a 3.6, or even at a 3.7, then you would be a MUCH stronger applicant as your SATs wouldn't be much of a factor.</p>

<p>yeah, i'm counting on UVA really, because thats where i TRUELY want to go...Cornell is for the bill-payer (dad) =P
and theres no way i'll pull a 3.6...not being dismal, just being real about it</p>

<p>so, the big question is really "what about UVA?" haha</p>

bump...i want opinions, not running stuff


<p>well, how about considering my last post in this thread (and this one) a free bump</p>


16:04min? 5 km? Are you sure ;) That is fast! are you on varsity track? I jog 4km in a little over 26min. No way! There is no way i can see anyone do it in less than 20min!!! That's just way too fast.</p>

<p>Yeah I'm sure about that 16:04. I'm actually a freshman in uni, but it's odd because I never ran track in HS. I'll be running track for a D1 in the spring. People are doing easy 15:30s. But mwahahaha, I will pwn them in 800 =)</p>

<p>^you must be really in shape! I consider myself fit, because i exercise (4km-3 times a week+workout+badminton like 8hrs+/week) And yet i can't even do 4km in less than 16min... maybe it's because i am slow, but i have only seen one person doing 4km under 15min, and he was a recruited ethiopian runner, who had like a news crew filming him while he ran like 10k in less than 30min i believe...</p>

<p>ive seen cross country high school girls do a 5K in 17, so im sure a boy can do 16...i think the fastest male time was in the 15min range (which is a 5min mile, which is standard for being good in high school...heck, ive seen a guy do the mile in 3:52)</p>

<p>can we PLEASE get back to chances??</p>

<p>^okay, sorry</p>

<p>My buddy from VT who is majoring in Engineering transferred to UVA with a 3.5 GPA. He enrolled this current semester at UVA and is transferring back to VT in the spring 2007 semester. He hates the environment at UVA and feels that he gets a better engineering education at VT. Hes majoring in ChemE. </p>

<p>You will definitely get into UVA Engineering but dont be too disappointed in yourself for going to a less prestigious Engineering program. You should ultimately do what makes you happy and not necessarily what will get you a top managerial position in engineering one day</p>

<p>thats why im not transferring to any random state school...UVA is #2 in public universities, and their EE program is only 1 behind VT</p>