Transfer chances

<p>Hello, I go to Syracuse University, I have been here a semester and hate it, I have applied to Bentley College, Boston University, and Northeastern. My GPA is a 2.9? what are my chances at these universities for Sping

<p>bump anyone?</p>

<p>I already replied to this in another post... but I wanted to say again, in case you didn't read it otherwise:</p>

<li>Congrats on Suffolk</li>
<li>I think that NEU is generally generous with admissions, so I think 2.9 may just fly with them.</li>
<li>I know that BU holds up to their 3.5 recommended GPA for transfers.</li>
<li>Bentley is gaining to be a more competitive college; however, if your HS stats are fair, you may just make it.</li>

<p>Good luck!!</p>