transfer chances?

<p>I'm currently a sophomore at a small LAC in New York state. I'm hoping to transfer for spring semester to either BU, GWU, NYU, Barnard or Vassar. Could you all give me a sense of my chances?</p>

<p>HS GPA: around a 2.8 at a competitive highschool
College GPA: 3.4</p>

<p>I'm doing really well in my classes this year so far. I will have above average essays and recs. I also work around 10 hours a week as an intern at a national magazine in NYC, have a paying job for about 6-9 hours a week, and work as a teacher's assistant at my school's early childhood center.</p>

<p>Anyone have any opinons?</p>

<p>wow, admissions to vassar & barnard are both EXTREMELY competitve, they only accept like 5 students out of 50 or so.</p>

<p>so that's a no, then?</p>

<p>i wouldnt say so necessarily since im not an admissions officer, but if you really want to go there, then u should apply. However, since barnard is a female college, i assume you are a female and vassar, who is mostly filled with girls and gays, will probably prioritize to give males admissions. I think you have a good chance at BU and GWU :). NYU, Barnard and Vassar are reaches for a lot of people.</p>

and vassar, who is mostly filled with girls and gays, will probably prioritize to give males admissions


<p>What kind of pablum is this?</p>

<p>thanks. Any more opinions?</p>

What kind of pablum is this?


<p>Yeah, i know it sounds weird, but i read it on the princeton review booklet, in the section called "insiders word"; it didnt say gays, but it did say females over-populate the campus and males are "more welcomed" by the admissions staff. Vassar has had trouble recruiting males in the past, due to the fact that it use to be an all-female college and many, in some areas of the country, 'til this day, believe that it is a female college.</p>

<p>I recently immigrated in the United States last November and am planning to apply to Ivy League Schools, especially to Harvard. Please share your thoughts about my chances of getting in to Harvard.
High School Record:
Rank: 1% of 800
Freshman- First Honors with Achiever's Award
Sophomore- First Honors with Achiever's Award
Sophomore-Class President
Junior- Second Honors with Achiever's Award
Junior- Class President
Computer Club- President
Social Studies Club- Treasurer
Poetry Contest- First Place
Shakespeare's Play- First Place (Best Actor)
Senior- Class President
Science Club- President
Senior- First Honors with Achiever's Award
Citizenship Army Training- Executive Officers
Choir Member-(Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
Team Coach-Volleyball League
Summer Tutor Program- founder
National Election- Volunteer
First Honorable Mention</p>

<p>College: Freshman in a community College Data:
G.P.A. 4.0/4.0
Dean's List
Canada Scholarships
Filipino-American Club- President
TRIO Student Support System -Vice President
Business Club- Secretary
Phi Theta Kappa
United Nations Club</p>

<p>I am waiting to the results of my S.A.T. and S.A.T Subject Test, please give me your comments. Do I need to be more involved to different clubs, what kind of things do I need to have in order to attract the committees decision.
Please as a mentor, help me!
I am hopeful!</p>

<p>Everything is impossible! Just keep your grade up and make a good statement on your essay and keep believing! You can do it!</p>


<p>I am pretty scared of applying! I need an advise please...</p>

<p>last time i checked, harvard only accepted 85 out of 1,000 applicants, so you have an 8% chance.</p>

<p>Actually, Vassar isn't as dominated by females as it once was, but you may have a slight advantage since you are a male. The school is currently 58% female and 42% male.</p>

<p>I don't know why no one has asked about your current school. It's important to know the <em>quality</em> of the school you attend. You could either reveal that information by giving the actual school name or an approximate ranking (top 30, 40, etc.). The competitiveness of your current school often plays a part in your chances. </p>

<p>If you could give that info, I'd be happy to give you my opinion.</p>

<p>I go to Sarah Lawrence.</p>

<p>Ok. You say you would like to transfer for the spring semester, but I think you should know it is usually harder to do than entering in the fall. </p>

<p>Overall Transfer Rates by School
BU - 30%
GWU - 38%
NYU - 31%
Vassar - 20%
Barnard - 32%</p>

BU - match
GWU - match
NYU - low reach
Vassar - reach
Barnard - high match</p>

<p>I think you'd have better chances at all of those schools if you tried to apply for fall...but I guess it can't hurt to apply now.</p>

<p>brand, its a girl cuz she wasnts to apply to barnard (all female school) so like i had posted, shes at a disadvantage. lol</p>

<p>lol oops duh.............. :D</p>


HAHA, impossible LMAO</p>

what makes you think it's easier to get in for the fall? I know almost nothing about this process, so I'd really appreciate all the help I can get!</p>

<p>You know what, I actually don't know. I am aware that for most schools that I've looked into, if spring transfer is available, a considerably lower number of students are accepted. But, I never thought of the fact that fewer applicants may choose to apply for spring transfer. </p>

<p>The idea that it's harder to transfer in the spring is just something I've learned while on CC, but it may or may not be true...percentage wise, admissions may be similar. I might suggest contacting the schools to find out if you are really interested. </p>

<p>At least in my case, I spoke with people from Cornell, UVA, and NYU, and was told that it is usually better to apply for fall transfer.</p>

<p>yeah, for the most part during the fall, schools have more spaces as kids eventually drop out during the spring or just dont return again for the next fall semester; they are able to acquire how many spaces they have left. Normally, students dont drop out immediately so there are less spaces available for spring.</p>