transfer gpa needed for top15 to ivy transfer

<p>I know this is pretty banal, but I'm wondering if there have been any successful transfers from Chicago or equivalents to Brown, Penn, Columbia, and what kind of grade point average they had? I'm currently at a 3.5, geared to the humanities field, and am wondering if what I have is enough to make me a successful transfer. I'm worried because everyone seems to have near-perfect gpa's above 3.8, and it seems like that my lower grades are going to bring me down from being a successful applicant.</p>

<p>With a 3.5 from Chicago you have a good shot at those three schools.</p>

<p>The people who have above 3.8 GPAs are not from top-15 colleges for the most part...</p>

<p>um, it is sooo freaking tough to even break the 3.5 mark while taking a SCIENCE, like the premed or one for majors, makes my life really tough.</p>