transfer help ucla?

<p>what would you do were a soph at a cc, had enough credits to transfer as a junior and wanted to go to say...ucla, but had too low a gpa or what have you, so you werent gonna get in, but youre set on going there! would you settle for universities that accepted you but that you don't want to go to and try to transfer again...(which would be even harder anyways)? do you just take more credits at the cc and try to do better for the next year? </p>



<p>I dunno if i understood u correctly, but i think u're say u're considering transfer twice basicly, which is unheard of. Staying another year and getting way above 60 units is not a good idea either. </p>

<p>I've heard of cases where people were accepted with low GPA depending on the major, etc. What's ur GPA exactly.</p>

<p>But I'd just transfer b/c staying at CC for too long is no fun.</p>

<p>i have like a 3.1 and i want to major in film at ucla. i know i wouldnt get in for next fall so i didnt even apply. i applied to other UC's, some out of state schools and some cal states which i know ill get into, but i love ucla and want to go there. so, is my only option to go to one of the other schools and wait till graduate school for a chance to go there? i've heard of people transfering from cal states to uc. i dont know.</p>

<p>yeup....3.1 for film is near impossible to get in, i'm not trying to put you down or anything, tat's just you better off goin to another UC, rather than waste a year to reapply..not knowing if you can get into know what i doesn't really matter where you go for can always try to apply to UCLA grad program if you do well after you transfer..good luck</p>

<p>You study hard whereever you xfer to, and work your ass off to get good grades. Then you apply to UCLA Grad school for film.</p>

<p>My b-friend had a similar sito. He had around a 3.1 and just got rejected from UCLA for film. I think that PERHAPS if you had outstanding stats and great recommendations and a super duper fantastic writing sample -- maybe...but still a long shot.</p>

<p>Better to get your GPA up and look into other options -- Loyola, USC, Champan, etc. all have great programs.</p>