transfer to a plethora of schools

<p>Alright so my high school gpa was garbage, didnt work hard in class. It was a 3.0. My sat scores were 1380 for math and reading, 1970 total. So my first year at a small school, i have a 3.87 gpa after one semester.
What are my chances for acceptance at:
USC (South Carolina)

<p>Thanks all you smart(er than me) people</p>

<p>You guys let me down. None of you are invited to my Sweet 16!</p>

<p>I don't know much about the other schools but I do know the requirements for UGA. I know that if you have at least transferable 30 credits and a 3.2 GPA you can transfer as a sophmore.
If you want to transfer as a Junior you must have
at least 60 credits and min. GPA of 2.8.
Since you have a really high GPA, your chances of getting accepted are higher than most. I say you have a pretty good chance at getting accepted. The important thing to remember about transfering into a university is that you have to make sure your classes transfer.</p>

<p>That's is a great college GPA! Good job getting yourself together in college. I think your high school SAT won't hurt you too much in your chances for these schools because it isn't too low. You have a great shot at any of these schools. Just check the transfer requirements.</p>

<p>Actually, depending on when you want to transfer colleges won't look at your SAT or high school grades, just your college GPA, the courses you took and if they transfer. Choose the university you want and go look at their web site for the transfer requirements.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone</p>