Transfer to Parsons after a semester? please help!

<p>So basically I'm an idiot who chose UTSA over Parsons school for design in NY because I wanted UT Austins cap. Now I'm regretting my decision, and I was wondering if its possible to transfer back to Parsons from UTSA after a semester.</p>

<p>Do I have to reapply? Make a new portfolio? If i cant leave after a semester, what courses should I take at UTSA so that parsons count it? How do you apply as a transfer student, do you do it online or do you go to a guidance counselor? How do you send your transcripts over do you go to a guidance conselour for that?</p>

<p>Also, since UTSA makes you pay for the dorm full year, how do you change it so you only have to pay for the dorm for a semester? I dont want to lose any money </p>

<p>please help! I gave up my dream of design for UTSA. and i dont want ut austin anymore</p>