Transfering to UF WITH AA HELP ME PLEASE!~

<p>Hello people,</p>

<p>I am about to get my AA at polk college and will get my 6 pre-requisite classes to get in to the EE at UF.</p>

<li>So since I already finished 2 years of college I will have 2 more left yeah?</li>
<li>Well what about an internship how is that going to work? Since i will have only 2 years left I also need to coop you know, also I will own around 20000-30000$ after i am done?</li>

<p>anyone’s opinions and thoughts are welcome!</p>

<p>nobody knows anything?</p>

<p>anyone anything?</p>

<p>Well… I know #1 and I believe the answer is yes, haha.</p>

<h1>2 ask admissions. I think an internship will be between your junior and senior years. so dont worry anyway.</h1>

<h1>3 ask financial aid</h1>

<p>you guys are awesome , thx!</p>