Transferring to a school you have previously been rejected from

<p>Is it possible or pointless to try? Is it something people do?</p>

<p>did you apply while you were in high school?
Yes, a lot of people who have been rejected from their first choice in high school go to community colleges or near state schools to transfer to their first choice after a year or two. If you show a great interest to the school, and provide reasons why you want to transfer, you have chance. However, you will need competitive GPA from your current college. High school GPA is also very important if you transfer after only one year.</p>

<p>I am doing it this year. Good luck to you :D</p>

<p>It's always possible. I was rejected from UChicago and am trying to get in again, but you have to show that you are improving your self. Keep up your college GPA, get great recs and really focus on your essays. I also retook the SATs, but thats only because my old score wasn't as good as I knew I could get.</p>