transferring to ucla under art history major

<p>i am on my 1st year in mount san jacinto cc and plan to major in art history. i am in the honours program and my school has TAP agreement with ucla. my expected grades before transferring is 3.6 and maybe higher if i work really hard i talked to the art history department counselor in ucla and he said that art history major does not require a whole lot of major preparation. he said "u can even take all physics courses" and apply. I think i misunderstood him beyond him saying the major preparation requirements are 2 courses from western art and 2 from non-western. what are my chances of going to ucla and what exactly do u have to do to get in under ar history? i originally wanted to major in history, but the major preparation for that course is tough and i thought it might be harder to get into ucla under that major. does the major u choose affect ur chances of getting into ucla or any other schools?</p>