Truman State University vs. University of Tulsa

<p>Which school has a better history program and which school has a better reputation among grad schools and/or employers? Thanks to anyone who answers!</p>

<p>I have no knowledge of Truman State, but I have a very favorable impression of U of Tulsa. Small but solid life sciences departments. Very good engineering and geology/petroleum programs (not surprising, since the Tulsa region was a major oil and gas technology center). for a private university, affordable tuition. Attractive campus in an under-appreciated mid-size city that has great cultural attractions.</p>

<p>I can't really speak to the schools, but I can say that Tulsa is a great place to live. There are MANY recreational activities year around, and the city is easy to navigate. If you like sports, Tulsa and ORU both have collegiate sports (not too far away from OU and OSU either) and there are quite a few minor league teams in Tulsa as well as car and horse races.</p>

<p>The city has just about everything else that you could want as well.</p>