Trying to narrow the list, please help!

<p>I am about to start applying and I have visited some schools and done research, but I am just not sure how I fit in at any of the schools on my list. Any advise, guidance, suggestions, or alternatives would be awesome. Thanks.</p>

<p>High School:</p>

<p>Northern Highlands Regional HS, Allendale, NJ
Very competitive public school
Aprox. 1300 students, 350 in graduating class
Does not rank students</p>


<p>GPA is 3.840 weighted
~3.65 unweighted
4.142 W Junior Year</p>

<p>Nothing lower than a B, nothing lower than a 2 B+'s (AP classes) since freshman year</p>

<p>All courses on the Honors level if offered with the exception of Geometry and Alg II/Trig</p>

<p>Currently enrolled in a Syracuse University writing/literature class offered at my high school (6 SU credits upon completion which are accepted at almost any US college)</p>

<p>Test Scores:</p>

<p>PSAT: 670 Math 660 Crit Reading 780 Writing
SATI: 700 Math, 760 Crit Reading, 730 Writing (1460 composite)
Taking SATI again in October
SATII: 800 US History, 710 Math 1C</p>

<p>AP US History: 5
AP Macroeconomics: 5
AP Spanish Lang: currently enrolled in class
AP European History: currently enrolled in class
AP Gov't/Politics: Plan to take tests cold</p>


<p>Ultimate Frisbee, 10-12</p>

<p>Badminton, 10-12</p>

<p>Debate (policy debate, in pairs):
5-5 Debate record (9th grade)
7-3 Debate record (10th grade)
10-0 Debate record (11th grade)
1st place overall team 2005-2005
1st place overall individual speaker (set league record in speaker points)
1st place in all but 2 meets (2nd in one of the other 2)</p>

<p>DECA (nation-wide marketing club):Sophomore Year: 1st place Sophomore Promotional Campaign in the state of New Jersey, 1/3 sophomores at my HS to make Nationals (220 club members)
Junior Year: 2nd Place overall BSM event, 1st place overall Quiz Bowl for the state of New Jersey, qualified for Nationals in both events. #1 Quiz Bowl test score in the United States at National competition.</p>

<p>Fed Challenge (mock federal reserve competition run by the real fed bank):
1 of 2 students selected from a tryout group of 15.</p>

<p>Stock Market club:
Member 9-12, President from Sophomore year</p>

<p>Summer 2005:
-Worked for a fruit importing/exporting company (family business) doing administrative and computer work.
-2 Week Teenage Republican Leadership Conference in Washington, DC. I met with Congressman, Senators, pundits, advisors, pollsters, military officials, and President Bush.</p>

<p>Summer 2006:
-5 week community service project in Costa Rica. 80 hours CS building a community kitchen, cleaning up the rain forest. 2 week Homestay, Spanish language immersion.
-Worked on the Hunts Point terminal market in the Bronx, NY unloading trucks, filling orders for industrial buyers and other kinds of physical labor.</p>

<p>I am a Caucasian, Jewish Male</p>

<p>I am interested in majoring in Economics or Political Science or Marketing and would like to minor in Entrepreneurship or Management if offered.
I plan on applying ED to Vanderbilt University</p>

<p>Stretch Schools:
University of Virginia
UNC- Chapel Hill</p>

<p>Realistic Schools (I hope :/):
Johns Hopkins U
George Washington U
Emory U
U Maryland- College Park
College of Willam and Mary
Wake Forest University</p>

<p>Safety Schools:
American University
Need more!
Thanks alot for your help guys!</p>

<p><<bump>> Please respond, guys :/</bump></p>

<p>Sure, your GPA is a little low but that might be because your HS is so competitive. Your ECs are beautiful and I think that even for your reaches you have great chances and all but JHU are easier that matches in your match list. You probably won't need more safetys. I'd say that's a safe list.</p>

<p>Thanks, man. I'm a little worried that my ECs are too academic-focused and my GPA is not that great, even for my high school.`</p>

<p>You've got ult frisbee and badminton to prove you are not fully scholastically driven and enjoy some leisurely games.</p>


<p>Why no LACs like Amherst, Wesleyan, Bowdoin, Hamilton, Macalester, etc.?</p>

<p>why does everyone from NJ apply to UMD</p>

<p>if you like american for the dc location, another great safety could be george mason... its also fairly large, like most of the schools on your list.</p>

<p>thanks for the suggestion, I might visit GMU if I get a chance. Do I have the right idea with this stuff or am I way off base? :/</p>

<p>Do you think I stand a chance at Vanderbilt on ED?</p>

<p>Only apply if you are sure you want to attend, and your family can afford it. Also, I sent a PM to you.</p>

<p>Yea, Vandy is definitely my first choice and the tuition won't be a problem.</p>

<p>I don't know what type of edge you get applying ED. Check it out first to make suret that you do have a reasonable advantage by going ED. You have 2 things that Vandy might be looking for-geographic diversity, and being Jewish. Several years ago there was an article in a NY newspaper that stated that Vandy was trying to increase its Jewish student population. Good luck!</p>

<p>When I visited campus I talked to people at the Jewish center and they told me that being Jewish isn't a huge hook anymore but it certainly won't be used against me. As for geographic diversity, NY and NJ are among their top draws so that isn't a huge help either. Their ED acceptance rate is like 45% so I think there is clearly an advantage. The new 2010 #s should be out soon...</p>

<p>Well, I guess things change in just a few years. I think the article about Vandy was in the paper about 4-5 years ago. Did they gain a large Jewish population in such a short time? I did not realize that Vandy had so many NY/NJ kids. 45% are not bad odds. What are chances of admission RD?</p>

<p>OMG, I am sorry, I was looking at your psat scores and thinking that they were your sat scores. It was my mistake. Even your psat scores are in the middle range. I have a very good feeling about Vandy, but of course, I am not an adcom!</p>

<p>Because of the Jewish presence. My sister is cheap, so sent her kids there instead of a LAC</p>

<p>i think you mentioned ED at UVA? Only if it is your top choice. ED at UVA has equal acceptance rates to RD and, as with any ED pool, it has very organized, ahead of the game, I love you UVA and I am awesome, applicants.</p>

<p>No, I said ED at Vanderbilt. And yea, their jewish population jumped from 2% to 12% in like 5 years. Vandy's RD acceptance is like 35% but it will drop when the new #s come out.</p>

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