Two Students: Who has the better chance?

<p>Okay, I want to compare two students in my school who want to attend Penn State - University Park. One is a "popular" girl, the other one of my friends, both are juniors. Also I am curious to see how a person's attitude towards a school can impact their chances. Here are their stats:</p>

<p>Student #1: L, the "popular girl"
SAT: 1650-1700
SAT IIs: Unknown
GPA: 3.5 at best, generally considered a B student
Course Load throughout high school (up to Junior Year): No Honors or APs
ECs: Varsity Lacrosse - 2 years, though played intermittently due to injuries
Legacy: Both parents; Father was a famous title-winning wrestler in the mid-late 70s
Other: Makes frequent trips to the campus to visit and meet with the Dean of Admissions
Attitude towards school: This is this girl's dream school. She would likely apply here and nowhere else. She had outright refused her parents' suggestions to attend one of the Penn State satellite campuses (i.e. Altoona, Erie, etc.) and then transferring</p>

<p>Student #2: A, my friend</p>

<p>SAT: 2300 on first try
SAT IIs: Math II, US History (Scores TBD)
GPA: 3.9 UW, though this may decrease after many a discussion about a certain APUSH class
Course Load throughout high school (up to Junior Year): Honors: Algebra II, Precalc, English 9 & 10, Chem, Bio, Spanish V; AP: US History, Lang (English 11)
ECs: Interact (Rotary) Club: Webmaster (maintains Interact's internet accounts and social networking profiles); Writer for school's annual Lit Mag publication (last year's publication receiving medals and other accolades); Dance - 10+years; Active in church community service
Legacy: All of her immediate family (parents, and two older sisters)
Attitude towards school: Slightly apathetic. She has claimed to me that she feels like she doesn't really have a choice, since all of her family has gone there. She also knows that this is a school she could get into relatively easily, and has eliminated all of her desires of attending any Ivy League or other top schools. Overall, not enthusiastic about attending Penn State, but satisfied in knowing that she has at least one option.</p>

<p>Let me know what you think (though the decision may seem pretty obvious)</p>

<p>Based on stats, Student #2 obviously has the better chance. Based on interest, as long as student #2 doesn't show the lack of interest in the essays, they'll be fine. Interest as student #1 shows can help, but student #1 doesn't have anything for stats at all!!!</p>

<p>The answer is completely obvious!</p>

<p>Student #2 no doubt. #2 might even have a shot at the honors college. Passion for a school can't get one that far. Everyone wants to go to Harvard, but that doesn't bear much effect on the applicant's chances.</p>

<h1>2, not close.</h1>

<p>Congrats, your friend can celebrate that the internet likes her more than the cool girl. Take that, high school popularity!</p>

<h1>2 but I think that both will get in if #1 applies early.</h1>

<p>Student Two is in, Student One, maybe... if she applies early. While it is good to be passionate about a school, it won't get you admitted if you don't meet standards.</p>