Typical Routines During School

<p>Hey guys. I just wondered if any of you would like to share your typical after school homework/chill routine. I'm a severe procrastinator and I need to break the habit before it bites my butt hard. I'm gonna be a junior and this is like the ONLY year I have to prove myself. I'm also pretty sure I'm gonna make the girls tennis team.. and I'm scared that practices and games are gonna heavily interfere with my heavy courseload! </p>

<p>Just list off time you get back from school... what time to what time you use to chill.. what time to what time you do which assignment etc.</p>

<p>Do you finish your math homework before your english essay? Or opposite?
Any advice would be totally helpful.</p>

<p>Post away! :)</p>

<p>Chill time? What chill time? Junior year was one long, long study session.</p>

<p>My strategy was kind of strange: it was to do homework at school before I got home. I had AP Bio first period and did the study guides during the first half of German, while the other people talked and my teacher does heaven-only-knows-what on the computer. I did German work during break and lunch. Calculus usually got done during calculus, so that was nice, but if it didn't I had plenty of time in Choir because we hardly did anything. That left English and History.</p>

<p>I liked to work on English in the library and History at home. I'm not quite sure why, but I can't concentrate on English when I'm in my room. Sometimes, despite my best efforts, I still had a lot of work to do. So I would take care of set assignments first, things involving questions with spaces for answers. You know, maths, sciences, history questions...things that don't involve much creativity. Then when I was in the homework groove, I could tackle English essays and big projects. If I had to read a book for a class, that was done throughout the day whenever I could snag a moment or right before I went to bed.</p>

<p>I have no idea how I made it through that way. But that last part might work for you, doing technical/defined stuff first, then doing the stuff that actually requires concentration.</p>

<p>My usual strategy is to waste as much time as possible when I get home, start doing homework around 5:30 or 6, break for dinner and maybe an hour of tv, then work sporadically until 12:30. I really do have a surprisingly bad work ethic for someone with such high expectations.</p>

<p>K well, im my sophomore year, school ended at 4:30 for most days. Then for half the year, I'd have basketball after school, which was from 4:30~6:30. so when I got home, it was about 7. Then I'd start doing hw at 7, and usually finish them by 10. Then I would study for quizzes/tests until about 12. And I would go to bed.</p>

<p>last year I had ap chem and ap eng and ap his, physcs hon, precalc=no sleep</p>

<p>this year, ap physcs, ap calc, ap gov, ap lit , ap psy, ap econ = no sleep to the tenth power.</p>

<p>but really it all comes down to strategy.
1.review class notes, which is fast for me cus I have a good memory and I really pay attention in class.</p>

<p>2.read next chapters.</p>

<p>3.do mind numbing amount of homework.
4. have periodic review, so there is no cramming b4 AP test, esp 4 me , becasue I cant afford that.</p>

<p>Got up at 6, caught the bus at 7:30 (some mornings I would do homework...if I was too tired from the night before) School starts at 8:10, go to first block...I'm soooooooooo focused in the morning, which explains why I always do good in my first block classes. Second block, stomach is usually growling...I'm still a little focused but VERY hungry. Third block, beginning to get weak and then we head to lunch (feeling a little better), by fourth block I'm so tired and I can't focus on my work.</p>

<p>PI found time to do homework WHEREEVER....Even at lunch and I still found time to talk to people. If we weren't doing anything in a class that I thought was important, I would pull homework out from another class. I got happy whenever we had videos to watch lol.</p>

<p>But usually I got home (3:45), got on the internet (I'm a big procrastinator) then eventually do homework. I had a job, so whenever I worked, I'd get off around 9 o'clock and then came home and went straight to the books.</p>

<p>Get up at 5ish to study.. morning works best for me. My brain goes dead when the clock hits 10pm. School starts at 7:40. Biology first period, in which I do English homework. English second, I am forced to pay attention even though I'm often very hungry. Break + Reading is usually my geometry homework time, sometime even during 3rd period (drama--don't do anything). Then Geometry, which again I'm forced to pay attention (tho that didn't really pay off :[ ) Lunch.. I do History homework if I have it, or Psychology, usually only one class gives homework and other doesnt. Get home around 3ish, check E-mail, AIM, and all that until 4 or 5ish. Then do what I have left :)</p>

<p>It worked well for me (except for the geometry part), but that's because I was lucky enough to get easy classes before hard classes.</p>

<p>Next year (jr), I'm going to work my butt off... :(</p>

<p>Easy class? Pushover of a teacher? Sleep/do HW in that class.</p>

<p>haha these are all really good. i usually leave my essays and stuff for last because thats when i know that i have nothing but writing ahead of me. do any of you guys play a sport after school? if so, does it interfere with your homework time?</p>

<p>I play basketball, and yes it does interfere with my homework time. First of all, I lose about 4 hours after school, meaning i come home at about 8. Also I get really tired after practices and games, so it becomes hard to concentrate on homework or to study for tests. But nonetheless, I think it is important to be involved in many diverse activities than to be a mere bookworm. =)</p>

<p>My "strategy" for my Freshman and Sophomore years was this:</p>

<p>4:00 - 4:15 Get Home (eat if hungry)
4:15 - 8:00 Use Computer/Play Games/Watch TV
8:00 - ???? Homework</p>

<p>Now that I'm starting my Junior Year, it's going something like this:</p>

<p>3:24 School is dismissed
3:30 - 5:00 Volunteer at an Elementary School
5:00 - 6:00 Watch TV/Eat
6:00 - ???? Study for the new SAT and do homework</p>

<p>I'm definetely going to be stricter on myself, since it'll be my first year taking AP classes (3, maybe 4).</p>

<p>I like how everyone on this thread (including myself) is a rising junior.</p>

<p>Sophomore year:
2:50 Dismissal
3:00 Clubs(TR)/Bus(MWF)
4:00 Late bus/Computer
5:00 Computer
7:00 Dinner
7:30 Computer
12:30ish Homework (or I'd just save it for school the next day)
2:00 Sleep</p>

<p>Junior year (hopefully!)
2:50 Dismissal
3:00 Work(MF)/Clubs(TWR)
4:00 Work/Late bus
5:00 Work/Homework+second lunch
6:00 Work/Tutor
7:00 Dinner/Tutor
8:00 Homework/Dinner
9:00 Homework
11:00 SAT stuff
12:00 Sleep</p>

<p>rising junior as well
3:00-gymnatics (M,T,TH,F)
6:00-get home, shower, eat
7:00-try not to procrastinate and do homework
12:00 sleep</p>