U of Iowa VS Loyola University New Orleans

<p>I DON'T KNOW!! I'm from WI and I REALLY want to get out of the mid-west which is why I want to go to New Orleans! BUT U or Iowa is a BIT cheaper but LOYOLA is still affordable PLUS it's in NEW ORLEANS! U of Iowa though seems like it has a more fun campus, more parties, etc. plus its in a college town (Iowa City) which shouldn't be that bad and it has a Greek Row (which i LOVE).. I just don't know! I eventually want to move out to California so do you think maybe a degree from Loyola New Orleans is better or University of Iowa? I just don't know! Give me your pros and cons guys! I'm stuck!</p>


<p>ANYONE? lol ANY input will help!</p>

<p>COME ON GUYS! lol help me out!</p>

<p>Iowa is a much better school at a cheaper cost. This is a no-brainer in my book. Also keep in mind you can study abroad for a whole year if you like, which would take you out of the midwest. Long term proving yourself at a national research university will also help in later graduate school prospects.</p>

<p>Neither of these universities will get you a job in California, and neither of them will prevent you from finding a job in California. University of Iowa is bigger, and presumably has a larger alumni network, so one would suppose that it would be more useful for finding a job period. However, much does depend on your particular major field.</p>

<p>How much cheaper is "a bit cheaper"? $1,000 each year? $5,000 each year? How are you going to come up with that difference? Can your parents pay cash for either university, or are you going to have to take out student loans? </p>

<p>How often do you need to go home during the school year? Would you have a car on campus and drive, or would you need to fly?</p>

<p>Both of these are fine institutions, and you can get a great education at either place. If the money works out and the truth is that you prefer New Orleans to Iowa City, that is perfectly fine.</p>

<p>Iowa is about $5,000 cheaper and that is going to be split between my parents and I. We are paying half and half for whatever college I choose so it's going to be a difference of ME taking out a loan for ($8,000 a year for Loyola or $5,500 a year for Iowa)</p>

<p>If I go to Iowa, I'll be able to just drive home but New Orleans I would fly home and I would only fly during the big breaks (Christmas, etc)</p>

<p>I want to go into Screenwriting (IDEALLY) but I wouldn't mind settling for some publishing job so writing (or more specifically Creative Writing) is what I want to major in and I hear U of Iowa is the number one college for Creative Writing, is that true? For that reason, I feel like Iowa would be the better choice, but as I stated, I'm stuck. More thoughts?</p>


<p>Your share of the difference can be covered by Stafford Loans. </p>

<p>If you are talking about $5000 in loans in addition to Stafford Loans, for a total of about $10,000 in loans each year for Iowa then that is TOO MUCH (and Loyola would be WAY TOO MUCH). You should aim to keep your loans as far under the total permissible with Stafford as possible. Especially if you are headed into a writing profession that doesn't guarantee a big starting salary.</p>

<p>Yeah you're right. Honestly, the $5,000 is just an estimate because I have yet to recieve my financial aid package for Iowa but I'm guessing it will be around that much of a difference. I probably will wind up going to Iowa, I'm touring it next week. Is their writing program good?</p>

<p>Loyola NO and U of Iowa are two completely different schools. By most definitions, U of I is a big state school, while Loyola NO is a smaller, liberal arts university with around 5,000 students. U of I is located in a college town, Loyola NO is in a major city. I think this really depends on what you are looking for in your college experience.</p>

<p>Without being to familiar with U of I, I would imagine you would find many perks not available at Loyola, like large scale athletic programs, booming Greek Life, and that college-town feel. On the other hand, Loyola caters best to students looking for small classes, personal advising, a diverse student body (Loyola draws students from all 50 states and 33 countries) and a private education. </p>

<p>On the same note, Loyola NO has a rapidly expanding Center for International Education. Close to 40% of undergraduates study abroad, and the university has programs in over 30 countries. Length of the programs range from four weeks to two semesters. </p>

<p>You mention screen writing and creative writing as fields you are interested in. Loyola does not offer a screen writing major, but does offer majors in "Creative Writing" and "Film and Digital Media" through the English Department, as well as a minor in Film Studies. </p>

<p>The best way to get a feel for any university is to visit campus. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>Really? Think this through. Would you rather live in Iowa or New Orleans? I'll give you a minute.</p>

<p>(un) informative this is about picking a school not a hang out spot. This is a no brainer - Iowa hands down</p>

<p>^I agree, if you want to be a farmer.</p>

<p>informative, U of Iowa does indeed have a nationally known creative writing program (though it's at the grad level, not u-grad). You've never even been to Iowa; you continually write from your never-left-Boston perspective. There is civilization there, honest.</p>

<p>"^I agree, if you want to be a farmer. "</p>

<p>Ignorance is bliss, not sarcastic and bitter.</p>