u of maryland-cp..

<p>how would you guys compare competativeness of u of maryland-cp(oos) and UCs(instate)???just wondering...</p>

<p>Thats a good question. I'm curious as well.</p>

<p>UCs are prob better, but UM-CP is an amazing school. I would say UM is better than say UC-Riverside, UC-Santa Cruz, UC-Merced.
It could also be considered better than any of the UCs if you're interested in politics, because location is amazing.</p>

<p>how about competativeness of u of ma-cp(oos) vs uci,ucd, and ucsb(instate)...</p>

<p>im currently a junior and those schools are what im looking at realistically...with my low gpa 3.75 weighted.....</p>