U Penn with a 3.6???

<p>hey guys im currently a junior. here's the thing: freshman and sophomore year i had absolutely NO IDEA what the whole GPA thing means to the college admissions process. i figured that as long as you had A's and B's you'd be perfectly fine, even to such a selective schools as UPenn. however, YEA NOT REALLY!!! so now im screwed and I've got a 3.6 but now that i know the importance of all A's ive been doing awesome so far this year and currently have a 3.6 UW and i think that by the end of next summer ill have a 4.55 weighted and I'm pretty sure I'll be in the top 10% out of a class of 900 so can i still get in even with the weak earlier years?</p>

<li>2250 SAT</li>
<li>SAT II's: US History (760), German (800)</li>
<li>Hispanic Minority</li>
<li>Excellent, excellent extracurriculars (probably one of the ten best in my class) (heavy involvement in several clubs, three leadership positions including president of one)</li>
<li>Nationally ranked golfer (not good enough for penn's varsity team tho)</li>
<li>Several honors societies</li>
<li>THE BIG ONE: co-founder of a relief organization which raised over $2000 to send to an african orphanage which we are planning to work at when we turn 18</li>

<p>soo what would be my chances if i applied ED? im interested in art history and german (possibly a double)</p>

<p>thanks so much!!</p>

<p>youre a junior? i think youll be fine. your SAT scores are right on target and your EC's are incredible. keep working on your GPA, best of luck!</p>

<p>and you minority status will definitely help</p>