UC Berkeley Waitlist Thread

@108Degrees I can access it.

For those still on the waiting list. I called the admission twice today, and got the same answer. ALL DECISIONS will be posted by TOMORROW automatically, because they wont work during the weekend. Congrats to those have already accepted, and to the people like me still on the waiting list, GOOD LUCK!

Thank you for your call! Let’s pray hard :slight_smile:

@scheng413 Does this mean no email will be sent to notify?

Thank you for your call :slight_smile:

Hopefully good news for all of us! Although, I feel like they will release the rejections by tomorrow otherwise we would of get something already…

@dondell email and portal change will be done automatically. There will be an email notify you.
@Sean1995 whatever the decisions are, we will receive something. At this time what kind of decision is not that important for me, I just want an answer for these 2 months’ waiting.
Good luck guys.

gg received email said that 2017-18 undergraduate class is complete.

Goodbye to cc lol

Just got rejected.
Major: EECS


got an email saying I am rejected.
Major: Mathematics

Math major, rejection.

Same I’m applying again hopefully will see you guys after next fall <3

what are u guys GPA? @link01153113 @dragondo8 @dondell @anonymousros

@thehooman Apply Major: EECS
GPA: 4.0
Result: Rejected

I swear the people with the highest GPAs in this thread got rejected.


GPA 3.93

Major GPA 4.0

General ed associates in STEM and also in Social Sciences


L&S CS, rejected.

STATS major GPA 3.94

@studentzunite when I login to bcourses.berkeley.edu, I see an empty dashboard. Looked at links around and did not see anything which says click here for golden bear advising.

When you login to bcourses.berkeley.edu from calcentral or otherwise, where is the link for golden bear advising?

To those who got rejected, don’t feel dejected. You guys all got into great universities no doubt and will make the best out of it. May be Cal is your destination for grad studies.