UC Chances With EE/CS

<p>Hi I would really appreciate it if someone would help evaluate my chances at:</p>

UC Berkeley
UC Davis</p>

<p>SAT I: Math – 790<br>
Critical Reading – 660<br>
Writing – 690
Total: 2140 </p>

<p>SAT II: 06/2005 Math IIC – 760
11/2004 Chinese – 770
05/2005 Biology M – 800 </p>

<p>AP Biology – 5
AP Statistics – 5
AP Psychology – 5</p>

<p>Senior Year Classes </p>

<p>AP Calculus BC
AP Physics
AP English 12
Digital Imaging 2
Finite/Discrete Mathematics
US Gov/Econ</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA – ~3.66
Weighted GPA - ~4.0
Class rank – 157 of 483</p>

<p>-JV Badminton and JV Track and Field for Two Years
-Piano for 10 years, Advanced Level Award
-Letter of Commendatation for NMSQT
-Volunteer 50+ hours at a senior center and continuing
-Volunteer 50 hours at VBS (Vaction Bible School)
-Private tutoring job, tutoring 10th graders geometry
-Tutoring job, teaching and interacting with kids
-Science Buddies online volunteering to help elementary school kids with their science fair projects
-Java Programming at Community College over summer
-Worked in Las Vegas and helped set up an LED display system, I rewired and fixed a major malfunction in the system (This is probably what my personal statement will be about)</p>

<p>I'm hoping to get into the UCs with a major in Electrical Engineering or Biomedical Engineering.</p>

<p>Please help give me advice on which colleges would be reach/match/safety =T</p>

<p>Just a forewarning--although your SAT IIs are obviously very good, Chinese does not tell a school much--the average score on that thing is in the high 700s I believe. If there's another SAT II out there that you can do well on, I'd reccomend taking that. I'd say</p>

<p>UCB, LA: Match/Reach
UCSD: Match/Safety
UCD: Safety</p>

<p>Under engineering, maybe more like
B: Reach
LA: Match/Reach
SD: Match (unless you're going BME, which I believe is harder to get into than reg. engineering)
D: Safety</p>

<p>Flopsy will probably give you a better idea about UCs though :) Your class rank and GPA are kind of low, is it because you go to a hard school or what? You obviously have the brain to warrant a better GPA than that. Stanford's a reach for anybody. Write amazing essays.</p>

<p>I goto Mission San Jose High School, Public school, with API 922 =T</p>

<p>By the way, if you think you can do better on the SAT I, retake that one instead. I think an improvement there is more important than a better set of SAT II scores as far as UCs go.</p>


<p>UCB/UCLA: Slight Reach (Engineering)
UCSD: Match (Engineering)
UCD: Safe Match (Engineering)</p>