UC chances

<p>I am lookig to apply to all of the UC shcools with high expectations. Rate my chances please.</p>

<p>-Total wieghted 4.0.
-3.85 UC GPA.
-1430 SAT.
-730/750/690 SAT2.
-4 AP classes taken by graduation.
-California Resident at a school that always wins the National Academic Decathalan, so its pretty good.</p>

-2 years baseball.
-3 years football 2 varisity. Starting reciever senior year.
-2 varsity track.
-Worked 3 years as an umpire for little leaguers.
-Attended a summer basketball camp at local CC for 3 years, coached by a former pro.
-100 community service hours.
-Helped coach a basketball team.</p>

<p>For the UC's, much depends on your essays and biographics (read: socio-econmics). I think you have a chance at UCSD, and better chance at UCSB,Davis. UCLA and Berkeley would be a dice's roll.</p>