UC Davis Chance - "Backward SAT Scores"...

<p>My s has what I would call (for lack of a better word) "backward" SAT scores - 780 in critical reading, 650 on writing and 590 on the math. Every school I search - the average math scores are higher than the reading or writing. My question: will this hurt someone's chances at getting into UC Davis since their average math is 610 for this past fall. It sure would be nice if some of that CR 780 could be transferred into the math 590 but that obviously won't happen : )</p>

<p>If the average math score for Davis is 610, and he’s only 20 points lower, but so astronomically higher in the other sections, I don’t see it keeping him out. Depends on his grades in math courses in school, too, though. And I assume he’s declaring a non-math/science major?</p>

<p>He’s a nutrition major, which could be considered borderline math; but probably more chemistry. He actually received all A’s in 10th grade chemistry. All other math classes have been B’s mainly, except A’s in Geometry (9th grade); plus one bad semester with a C in Trig…B’s in precalc and so far a B in calc a/b. He took the SAT subject math 2 test this past weekend to hopefully make up for the low math SAT score. But I don’t know about that because it was extremely tough going. He’s also applying to Cal Poly SLO; which I think may be easier as his combined CR/math score is 1370/1600.</p>