UC GPA freshman admit profile?

<p>Are the GPA's listed for average admitted freshman for UC's the weighted UC GPA, otherwise the gpa of only sophomore and junior year?</p>

<p>Anyone know????</p>

<p>I'm not sure, but if there's a GPA that goes above a 4.0, that'd be a pretty good sign that it is.</p>

<p>but is it the UC or like all years of high school.</p>


<p>I think UCs are soph and junior year -- at least that's what they put weight on in considering your app. Those averages are probably soph and junior year fully weighted.</p>

<p>UC just gives 8 extra points for each honors/AP semester you take in sophomore and junior year that you receive a C or higher in. It's most likely the UC GPA that shows up.</p>