UC Irvine Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

The college in Australia is a University prep school (it has Year 11 and Year 12 programs) as well as other professional programs like the one I took (Secretarial). I did try calling UCI’s Undergraduate Admissions office but they are not accepting calls or walk-in due to Covid. I guess I should just pay the SIR fee for CSUF just in case. Thanks for the help!

Did anyone receive any scholarships? It says they should have been awarded end of April/Beg of May

Should be out. Google uci my aid

2nd Bachelors for Software Engineering

Preqs: done
IGETC: mostly done
60 units: done
Gpa: currently 4.0 (first GPA from not reputable school with a bachelor of arts degree: 3.54)

Is anybody else still waiting on receiving a UCI package


Rejected from UC Irvine. Second Bachelor’s Software Engineering applicant. ■■■■ the college admissions process. I spent the last 5 years of my life in community college after my degree and I get rejected from all these ■■■■■■■ colleges. ■■■■ school I want to do something else with my life even if it is working as a stocker at Walmart. ■■■■■■■ gpa requirements it’s just a goddamn number.


CCC Transfer
Major: CS
Alt Major: Game Design
GPA: 3.56
IGETC: Partial (For this university)
Major Prereqs: Completed

Decision: Waitlisted
I hope I get off the waitlist

Are you referring to the admissions package that is sent by mail?


I have not received mine :frowning:

Yep, don’t know what happened it’s been over two weeks

Yeah my thoughts exactly :joy:


I haven’t gotten mine either :roll_eyes:

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I also got accepted for 2nd Bachelor’s in Software Engineering!

Has anyone received a scholarship?

awesome! we should network i’ll send you a pm

hey bud, you’re right, that number doesn’t define you, nor does the somewhat arbitrary nature of this entire process. I sincerely earnestly hope that all of the work you invested will pay dividends for you in the future!

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Thank you. She calculated getting a C in Ochem along with her other two classes (which are very high A’s) and she’s still well over a 3.4 - UCI can do whatever they want, though. She might choose UC Davis instead since they have a top rated program (her major) and she can get in with a C in Ochem! Hard to say bye to a dream school though.