UC to UC chances??

<p>I m goin to attend ucsb as a freshman htis upcoming fall. I d no what is my chance to transfer to ucla or uci under chemE. If i can keep up a 3.6 or 3.7 gpa, is it a bigger boost for me? and plus when i can apply coz i really wanna get out of sb asap? are there any measures that enhance my chance?</p>

<p>feel free to leave any kindly opinions i d really appreciate that</p>

<p>Know three people who transfered from SD to UCLA... One did it after a year, two others did it after 2... Their GPA were not steller either.</p>

<p>Any reason why you want to leave UCSB, especially since it's a powerhouse Chemical Engineering school (the graduate ChemE is ranked 10th in the nation).</p>

<p>Anyway, for UCI, your chances are extremely good, and for UCLA, you'll have pull a little more weight. The average transfer GPA for ChemE majors was 3.81, and keep in mind that includes community college students.</p>