<p>hey guys i was wondering if someone could compare these UCs. i need a list of general pros and cons. or really anything you know about the school that i wouldnt be able to find out by looking at the website. (party scene, campus life, things to do) Also i will most likely major in bio or psychology. so where would be the better place?</p>


<p>the racial mixup of the 2 schools is quite different ...</p>

<p>well im east indian...and i heard that there are a lot of indians at both schools. i also heard there are a lot of asians.</p>

<p>UCI is majority Asian.</p>

<p>is the asian thing a really big deal or are people just exaggerating?</p>

is the asian thing a really big deal or are people just exaggerating?


<p>depends on what you mean by big deal, most UCs are 30-40% asians. For asians, thats a relatively high concentration. But considering most rich private high schools are about 70%+ white, and most southern california public high schools are like 70% hispanic it's not that big of a deal.</p>

<p>UCI vs UCD, I heard UCD immediately offcampus isn't a great college community. UCI, well its Irvine so it has to be nice lol. I haven't visited either of the two, but this is my impression from talking to others.</p>

<p>cool, thanks for the input b151. anyone else?</p>

<p>UCI is over 53.6% Asian according to the UC Website, hence its repuation as the University of Chinese Immigrants. It has a commuter school feel to it as many students live in the OC and drive home on the weekends.</p>

<p>UC Davis is in the midst of a huge expansion of the campus. It is a normal college town in a semi-rural kind of area. You'll need a car if you want to do stuff outside of campus. Sacramento isn't too far away up I-80, you can take the train to Downtown Sacramento. San Francisco is an hour away if traffic cooperates so you can go escape on the weekends if you want to at Davis. It does get quite hot there in the summer and quite cold in the winter. At night it is sometimes is below freezing.</p>