UCF Summer B 2012!

<p>Hey there! I applied to UCF on September 1st !
I was just wondering if anyone has hear anything on their status.
I'm so anxious, hopefully I'll be able to see you all this coming summer!</p>

<p>Good luck future Knights ! :*</p>

<p>Hey did you get in?</p>

<p>I applied August 1 and just found out yesterday that I was accepted for Fall 2012! I am thinking about going to the Summer B session and taking a couple of classes just to get acclamated to the campus. Good luck to you!</p>

<p>I haven't got a reply yet, hopefully their decision will come in soon!
And congratulations Rockoboy! Do you know when they got your transcripts ?</p>

<p>hey! i sent my app out august 27th and trasncript sept 1st. i have still yet to also hear back from UCF. anyone know if they send out decisions in chunks or something? because its been almost 6 weeks now...?</p>

<p>Rockysimon, I have no idea, I've just been checking online on MyUCF...</p>

<p>I think that the first decisions were based on test scores. I was accepted for Fall 2012 but thought maybe I would change to Summer B to get used to the campus. Well thats not happening since I would have to undo my Fall acceptance and re-apply for Summer B! I guess I will just wing it in the fall because I am not up for going thru that waiting game again. Good luck to all of you!</p>

<p>I have been waiting on a decision for 8 weeks. : /</p>

<p>You probably don't have to worry. I applied Aug 1 and got accepted Oct 6th. I had a 29 ACT with GPA 3.95, football, SGA, 100 Hours of Community Service and a couple of clubs, 1 AP class (didn't pass the test) and the rest all honors classes. Good Luck to you!</p>

<p>Thanks, I have a 24 ACT 3.8 GPA, 1 AP class, honors classes, over 100 hours of CS, 5 Clubs, 4 year student ambassador. </p>

<p>I'm waiting on USF too.</p>

<p>I've been waiting since September 22nd, still no word, however my test scores were pretty low, so I figure that's why...
My ACT was a 22, 2 AP classes (1 passes, 1 failed), I'm in dual enrollment (taking 2 classes now, and 2 next semester), 100+ community service, 3-5 clubs a year.</p>

<p>Based on all my friends that have gotten accepted I think they pulled the ones with the highest SAT and ACT scores and offered them acceptance first. I also was accepted to USF and their honors college and that only took 4 weeks. I'm pretty sure my acceptances were based on my ACT score of 29. That is also where they pull their scholarship money comes from. USF offered me $14,500 in total if i would go there so along with Florida Pre-paid and 100% Bright Futures scholarship I could actually make money each month if I choose USF. After speaking with admissions at UCF at thier Open House a couple of weeks ago they indicated that they will start reviewing the acceptance applications for scholarship money beginning Nov 7th and then it could take up to 3 weeks to find out if they offer you money.</p>

<p>Well I have to find out if I get in first. Do you know anyone who has been accepted with lower scores ?</p>

<p>And congratulations on your acceptances!</p>

I just it accepted with a 25 act and 3.5 gpa.</p>

<p>@Kyle congratulations!</p>

<p>Thanks! But the range for summer is a bit easier. You definitely don't need a 3.9 like it says in the website for summer.</p>

<p>I have a 4.16 GPA but my test scores were low, ACT was a 22 and sat was a flat 1000/1570</p>

<p>did you hear back yet?</p>

<p>No, I haven't :(</p>