UChicago Early Decision / Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

My D22 told me she logged in to her portal “just to take a look” and now no longer sees the checklist at the bottom of the page. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyone else seeing this?

yes. same here.

Do you know what time of the day on Dec 15? Otherwise I will be clicking non stop…

same my material checklist has gone as well…and I’m so nervous literally searching for UChicago decision release date 1000 times a day…

Typically around or a little after 4 pm Central Time. Plan to do your non-stop clicking between 4 and 5. Have they announced Dec 15 as the release date? They tend to announce a specific date and it can differ by a few days from year to year.


Yes, they announced Dec 15. OK, will start clicking by 3pm (can’t wait till 4!!!) :).
Thank you so much!

Where’s the announcement though? Don’t see anything in the portal or on their Twitter feed.

Yes, as far as I have seen, there has been no announcement concerning a release date other than that it is coming “mid-December.”

Where did they announce December 15th?

I don’t think they have. And last year it was Dec. 21st.

I cannot find the link I went to yesterday and saw Dec 15 (even though I looked in my search history)… It says in here - in this College Confidential page where we are in (scroll up to see)…
I swear I saw it in at least 2 places but can’t trace it anymore.
Sorry, everyone!

One website that states 17th for this year is Class of 2026 Early Decision and Early Action Notification Dates - College Kickstart. not sure how reliable this source is tho.


My account still has the checklist on it…

I forget what my portal used to look like now that you mention this :sob: I have a message saying they’ve processed all my application materials and then below is my financial aid checklist?

same here :sob::sob::sob: someone told me that there was a checklist atb of the page bf but i literally forgot and don’t huv it rn

I still have the upload materials option at the bottom of mine :weary:

I would think the difference is they haven’t processed ours yet? I still have my upload materials so I’ve just assumed its because admissions have gotten to other apps but not mine yet - just a thought tho!

wouldnt that be a bad thing though? because they would have processed the acceptences first? idk just a thought

hello can someone send a picture of what their application portals look like?

Looks like decisions r coming out dec 17 finger crossed!!

(found it here https://collegeadmissions.uchicago.edu/ )