UChicago - Just chill out :)

<p>I'm new here and I was interested to see what this site was all about. I was talking to one of my friends back in August when I was applying to UChicago and he told me to look here and get "Chanced". I didn't want to stress myself any more than I already was at the time, so I didn't look. </p>

<p>I was just accepted this past week EA to UChicago, so I decided maybe now I'd come over and give it a peek. After searching "UChicago" I realized that some of you applicants just need a little pep talk! </p>

<p>So I'm posting my stats to hopefully make all of you feel a little bit better!</p>

GPA UW - 3.9
GPA W - 4.0
Rank - 28/560
ACT - 33 (I only took it once)</p>

<p>AP's: Very few. AP English 11 & 12, AP Calc AB. All other "High Performance" classes since 7th grade. But get this - I only took 1 AP test... and I only got a 4!</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:
Music - I've been involved in band since I was in 6th grade. I was part of an honor band once, and part of a state-wide band that travelled through Europe in 2010. I've also been part of our school's musical pit since 10th grade.</p>

<p>National Honor Society - Part of our school's very expansive program since 11th grade, secretary senior year.</p>

<p>Peer Tutoring - Co-organizer of our schools tutoring program senior year.</p>

Elementary school volunteer, once a week, for 2 years.
For 2 years, spent 3 weeks as a student volunteer worker at a summer camp.</p>

Income - ~350K/year
Ethnicity - Hispanic (National Hispanic Scholar based on PSAT scores)
Location - Midwest, Large public school, sends very few students to Ivys every year</p>

<p>You guys, the numbers aren't everything! Don't let these people tell you "You need at least 3 more points on your ACT to even be considered for UChicago" or "You only took 5 AP classes, you won't be able to handle UChicago." That's all BS. Actually, when I attended an information session back in August, the Dean of Enrollment said that the school only accepts about 65% of the applicants that submit a perfect ACT score. So just keep that in mind!</p>

<p>UChicago, as I understand from talking to various admissions counselors and faculty, is a school more focused on a love of learning than anything else. Show that you fit this bill in your essays. </p>

<p>If you would like to read any of my essays, just message me! I wrote to the prompt: "Write about a time when you found something you weren't looking for." I also wrote a "Why UChicago" essay as well as one about my favorite musician.</p>

<p>To all you RD folks - chill out and good luck! :)</p>

<p>I love this post! I'm also Hispanic and applying to Uchicago RD and it's my top choice! I would've applied ED but I didn't have the SAT score I wanted...I attempted to raise it but to no avail. I would love to read your essays message me when you can! :)</p>

<p>Your stats actually aren't that low for U Chicago. The 25th percentile for ACT scores is 30 and the 75th percentile is 34 for the last year the College Board has available. Your GPA is also very good. I agree that stats aren't everything but your story is not one of someone with very low stats getting admitted.</p>

<p>Hey Congratz!!! That's what I'm saying. Schools don't just look for numbers!! right???
PM your essay, I'd love to read :)</p>

<p>Congrats! I'm applying to UChicago RD, and this has definitely relieved some stress. I'd love to read your essays, PM me :D</p>

<p>THANK YOU so much for posting this! I feel like I have a really solid shot at UChicago, especially because I fit the "love learning" part well. As the user above me stated, if you're comfortable sharing your essays over a PM, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!</p>