UChicago Transfer Fall 2022

For anyone applying uchicago ted, what is the email address where we can send official documents like college transcript and high school transcript?

Contact your regional AO. Sometimes they can take it directly!

I know this isn’t very active but I applied for rolling admissions in January. Does anyone else not have a checklist?

Anyone get in?





yep just got in


Congrats!!! stats plz!!!

3.98 college gpa, 35 ACT, 10 APs, 3 800s on sat 2s.

Very solid research career. Leadership misc stuff. Strong essays.

Source school: t25 public

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Rejected. I was waitlisted last year :confused:

Oh well. Good luck to anyone still waiting to hear back. Thankfully, that was the last undergraduate college application I’ll ever submit, so I can move on with my life haha.

From public. 1580 SAT, 3.96 GPA, 11 APs, research and startup while in college.

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admit !! from UoRochester gpa 3.99 sat 1540

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hi people. For those who already completed their application, did you send in official college transcripts? My current college is super delayed in sending that and I’m afraid I won’t make the 31st ddl for uploading materials:(( Can I upload my transcript on the portal myself? Will that count as application complete? (Will definitely send in official ones later)

The withdraw option on my portal disappeared. Does that mean my decision is coming out soon?

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OMG me too. Finger crossed


Did anyone get a decision today?

Not me

Not me either. I thought since my withdraw button vanished that i’d get it today but idk maybe tmrw :-:

Some decisions are out, I was Rejected. Good luck to everyone else!