UCLA: Haven't gotten rejected yet!!

<p>Checked my status today and am glad I haven't been rejected yet :)
3.53 gpa Business econ major, hopefully they'll see an improvement since high school. YEA BABY!! STILL PENDING!!</p>

<p>Me neither, i'm still hanging in there...</p>

<p>As of two minutes ago:</p>

<p>"We are still in the process of reviewing your application." Well, to me right now that's a little better than "We're sorry but you suck." :)</p>

<p>4.0 Biz-Econ, still pending and very anxious :(</p>

<p>3.6 Business Econ major rejected... good luck, you'll need it. It is a highly competitive major.</p>

<p>maybe they REALLY have not finished reviewing our applications...</p>

<p>3.7 History major...haven't been rejected yet! </p>

<p>Does anyone know what percentage of people were notified today? I have a feeling I'm going to be seeing that "still reviewing your application" message for weeks to come.</p>

<p>I feel about 50% ppl have been notified.</p>

<p>For the rest of us, the only thing we can do is praying!!!</p>

<p>there is a lot of that happening on this end. LOL :)</p>

<p>i have a 3.54 GPA, biochem major. i'm missing the physics sequence (which apparently is <em>required</em> and not just recommended) and calc 3 (which i've been told i don't need anyway) and have no TAP. so i basically am not expecting to be admitted. but it would be nice to be admitted. :)</p>

<p>Ignorance is bliss!</p>

<p>Stranger things have happened......after hearing about so many 3.8's and 3.9's being rejected, it's hard to know what to think.....</p>

<p>3.73 Business Economics</p>

<p>I am still pending. I am so nervous!</p>

<p>Floydian, I think you got it.</p>

<p>Anyway, have you noticed that on this board no bus econ majors have been accepted yet? Weird because I saw several rejected (some with good stats, and one who received an invitation for the supplementary application for Haas). I am going to go crazy waiting for a decision.</p>

<p>yeah i'm still pending too</p>

<p>Damn, im so anxious right now...
Still pending... ~3.55 GPA, Business Econ....
Hey, what do you think of my chances?
I did the 2 year program in 1 year (this is my first year in cc) and im already transferring... WOuld that help me?
Also, Im in Honors program, so that should be a plus too...</p>

<p>You managed to do all of IGETC and the major reqs? Wow. That is awesome.</p>

<p>Yeah, I will have around 64 units by the end of spring.... I had a lot of help from APs (5 on Calc BC, 3s on Art History and Comp Sci A).... I will complete IGETC, Honors, and pre-major requirements by the end of spring... I only applied to UCLA and UCSB and got rejected from SB (which is strange, cause I got in last year, but couldnt go), so I REALLY hope for UCLA....</p>

<p>Oh. APs. I didn't think of that. Maybe, it is because I didn't attend high school.</p>

<p>proof, i will have finished the two-year "program" in 3 semesters (and one summer). i had no AP credits (didn't go to highschool here) though. i had to take two chemistry classes (both with labs) together in one semester (fall 04), along with biology, also with lab, and a most rigorous writing class. </p>

<p>i would like to think that the UCs look favorably upon students like us who try to "railroad" our way out of CC and still succeed. it impresses upon them that we are dedicated students. i think that could strengthen our application. :)</p>

<p>still pending here.</p>

<p>When is the lastest that they would notify us? I read somewhere that someone had to wait until May 10 for a decision. I don't think I can last that long.</p>